The Banished Villainess' Husband Ch. 9


Chapter 9: The Director and The Merchant

TL: @notahappytree

“Eh? Isn’t this Waz. Immediately doing transaction with new residents, huh?”

“Yes. We are just finished negotiating.”

“Ahh, I’ll visit you soon.”

“Thank you for your patronage! I’ll be waiting!”

Waving his hand, Waz leaves.

Hmm, cute.

But, he also said something that worried me.

“Then, will you return to the ranch soon as we loaded your luggage?”

“No, isn’t that our home and not a ranch?”

“Ri-right? I’m a little interested in the ranch… it looks like a game.”


“No-nothing! I mean! I wonder how you define a [Ranch]?”

“Ahh.. is that so?

My definition of the ranch is a place where cattle and sheep produce meat and dairy products, wool production, and many more… so yes, our home is not a ranch.

Well, I’m afraid it will be close to that since I’d like to keep cattle and sheep in the future.

“Well! Ah, before I forget! Have you meet Kurou before?! He is this town’s director. Since you guys officially moving here, you should greet him.”


“Eh… Kurou-san…”

I take a look at Lana’s face.

Oh, the timing is perfect.

Isn’t he the person that Waz talking about?


“What’s the matter, Eufranc?”

“Nothing. …I understand, let’s go meet him.”

“Franc, ano… if it’s only greeting, I can do it…”

“It’s okay, now I’ve become the head of the family, right?”

“I s-see…”

I’m glad that you are worried but man… I somewhat embarrassed to leave it up to my wife.

It’s not that I’m shy of strangers.

But, there is a fundamental belief where you can’t trust someone you meet for the first time.

“Okay? I don’t really understand, but let’s go!”


Should I hit you one more time?

I glare at him, but it didn’t seem to work, so I just gave up and went to follow Carleigh nii-san.

I stepped into the wagon and went west along the main street.

After 5 minutes ride, we arrived at a large estate.


“Kurou is inside… he is someone that has been entrusted with the town’s management by the Drutonil House. Since it was convenient, we gave him the baron’s title.”

“He’s a noble…!”

“Right now, his social rank is above you.”

Former nobles and a current noble.

If you look at it from the old perspective Lana and I had higher court rank, but after our banishment, we lost our rank, and now we are just a commoner.

Naturally, former noble and current noble social status differences are like heaven and earth.

No matter how far away the Count of Drutonil, the lord of this area, it would be bad to offend him.

“Don’t worry! He’s a good man with a passion for his crafts!”

“Ah, really?”

What helps is that this country is not as particular with social status as [Arsegios].

However, my hair colour is too ominous for people in [Sergigios] who are looking at luck in [colour].

Haaa… I should have bought a hat.

Is it faster to make a patchwork with a little extra cloth from making scrunchie?

Oh, no… I only have those fancy cloth for women, it will not look as good. I should stop.

“Now, the workshop is next-door. This way.”

Carleigh nii-san, you know your way in someone else’s house.

We left the wagon with the servant who comes rushing from the gate, and we went to the big building next-door guided by my brother… we head to a warehouse-like place.

There’s a faint smell of wood in the air.

No, huh?

So huge… seriously, a massive warehouse… no, this is a workshop.

There’s a workshop with a covered wall that’s about the size of a noble mansion.

“Oi! Kurou! I brought Eufranc and Elana!”

Why are you waving your hands frantically?

Are you a child?

And I let out a sigh.

No, I know that my brother is a troublesome person like that… yep, and this is a lot of wood.

And also, there are many people in the inside.

I saw a line up of slightly damaged furniture. I wonder if this place is repairing it.

It is a well-stocked timber’s storage, and they were neatly cut.

Moreover, there are house parts like some unused doors and windows.

Hahhh… are they craftsman or carpenter?

Perhaps, they are the one that adjusted the abandoned ranch.

Maybe I should greet them properly, and I can find out who’s suitable for the job when I am renovating in the future.

Unfortunately, the truth is I can’t get a good impression on a stranger.



And someone huge and macho with noticeable shaved head rises.

No, everyone that works here looks huge and muscular.

Wait, isn’t it good to have that kind of physique?

The temperature around here is rising, right?

“Kurou! This redhead is my relative!”


You won’t complain if I punch you right now, right? What’s with this guy?

“And this lovely young lady is his wife, Elana!”

“Ni-nice to meet you.”

“… Haha, really? You are really a lovely young lady with green hair and eyes. Hmm, shame, you married that fucking redhead rascal! Isn’t she beautiful?”

Isn’t it rude to say that when we met for the first time?

I’m fine, but… you have a discerning eye!

I also think so!

Un! Her beauty is wasted on me!

“Hey, hey. Eufranc is a genius! Even if he looks like this!”

He is saying even if he looks like this is unnecessary?

Isn’t it too much saying even if he looks like this?


The base of my favourable impression became negative.

“Ah! He’s the one that designed that complicated dragonstone tool called [Dryer]?! Damn! That’s not good at all! To make such a complicated thing! Ahh!?”

“…Complex? You only need to carve the effect in dragon gem, right? I don’t make something so complicated.”

“…… Ha?!”



Why are you so surprised?

Everyone opened their mouths in surprise and freeze.

What’s with the atmosphere…

“Oh, dear. I’m surprised~ I’ve heard the rumours, you really don’t have any awareness.”



Everyone is big muscle guy, but there is a guy who is cleaner than the others.

No, but Oldman is still old man.

Also, the appearance of this macho old man.

And above all, I’m wearing my clothes properly.

What I’m wearing… Kurou-san, don’t you have a big chest?

Because for a woman with a big chest it’s hard to fit the clothes.

And he had a very unique hairstyle.

The left and right sides are trimmed up, and the center is braided.

It’s a big braid, or perhaps I should say plaits.

Hmm, I don’t understand.

And, uh… perhaps it’s the finest muscles on the whole body that I saw.

I’m a man, but looking at that kind of muscle makes me want to cry.

It feels impossible to win physically.

“My name is Regulus. I’m a merchant in this town.”

“! Ahh, it’s the person that I heard from that kid. The great merchant. The one that started the company, right?”

“Ehh, really. The merchant from Drutonil-sama’s place, I can’t seem to rely on them. But this is amazing… I want to meet you…”

I can feel myself shivers.

And the goosebumps on my back.

He traced his finger to his plump lips and whispering in a low voice.

His eyes narrowed as he smiled and moves back and forth.

Ah, ahh… I can feel the pressure…

“It’s a complicated command and implementing that kind of complicated design in the tool is hard, and normally you can’t do that.”


“Oh, no. This guy really doesn’t understand.”



As I heard her footsteps coming closer, Lana already in front of me.

Forcing her way between Regulus and myself.

I don’t understand what Regulus is saying, did Lana somehow can follow him?

“I’m sorry, but I have the right to sell his [Invention].”


“But I’m willing to negotiate. And he’s going to invent various things in the future. Yeah, it’s going to be like what you are thinking. I can promise you! He will bring profits! A revolution! And starting from this town, the whole country will change!”

“? Eh? La-lana? Dear? Wait a minute?”

Are you saying something exaggerated like that?

Ha? What? What’s the matter?

What’s going on?


“…Really. Hmm, fine! Then, let’s start the negotiation. …First of all, this [Dryer]! I had a request to make one from the Lady of Drutonil House, and it’s hard to make. I got the blueprint, but… I can’t seem to make it with my skill!”

“What do you need?”

“Somehow, I can make the tools. But, the problem is the command! I can’t carve the dragon gem into the core of dragonstone tools! No joke, the core of the dragon gem is complicated. My brother is a dragon gem craftsman, and he’s given up. So, for 50 silver coins I want you to teach my brother how to carve the effect. Please!”

“Ara~ that’s unexpected!”


I feel like I can’t make head or tail of where is this conversation going, what do you mean?


Regulus-san’s big brother?


Teaching how to carve the effect?

50 silver coins… huh?

It’s good if we can get that much…

“Can’t we do it only for 50 silver coins, huh?”



“I heard you just make your own company, so I thought you’d be a better judge of the value… hmm, ohoho… silver coin… hahahahah…! Just 50 coins… hahahahaha!”

“La-lana? Lana-san? Are you okay?”

“Do you think it’s only worth that much? Once it’s on the market you’d be gaining profits, and if you don’t take that into account then the deal is off.”



Lana was saying something like that…!

Ehhh?! And without delay?!

Regulus opened his eyes for a moment.

However, his smiles immediately deepen.

Eh, what’s with this scary atmosphere…

“Fu, fufufu, fufufufu! Uahahahhaha! …Ahahahahhahah! How amazing! You’ve got a good wife, aren’t you, Eufranc-san?”


“I understand. 20%! I can’t go any lower.”

“No, 10% is alright. The craftsmen here also will make even more products in the future. These people will make the tools, aren’t they?”

“Ah… fufufu, yeah, yeah… then, I’m looking forward to it! The best deal! Ahahahahahah!”



Oh, I don’t really understand, but… well… somehow, Carleigh nii-san, Kurou-san, and the craftsmen maybe don’t understand the conversation either?

Or is it just me?

…I see.

“Lana, ano?”

“Alright! Regulus-san is a reasonable person!”


She gave me a big smile and a thumbs up.


…But, I had bad feelings about this, is this just me?

…Oh, no… somehow, Kurou-san’s face is looking blue.

Perhaps, we let two people who shouldn’t meet met each other…

This won’t be such a disaster, right?

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