The Case Files of Jeweler Richard

Original Title: 宝石商リチャード氏の謎鑑定 (Housekishou Richard-shi no Nazo Kantei)

Author: Nanako Tsujimura ( 辻村七子)

Cover Illustration: Utako Yukihiro

NovelUpdates link: here

Genres: Drama, Mystery, BL-ish vibes

Translator: @thefinalcinderella


On a seemingly ordinary night, university student Nakata Seigi rescues a beautiful Englishman named Richard from a group of drunkards. Richard is a jeweler who travels around the world to sell jewels to clients. Together, the two begin to solve mysteries surrounding the jewels they come across and their owners, starting with the mysterious pink sapphire ring that Seigi’s grandmother left to him.


Table of Contents

Book 1

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