Yue Chen Yin – The Chant of the Sinking Moon/Lost in the Clouds

月沉吟 Yue Chen Yin/The Chant of the Sinking Moon/Lost in the Clouds
YCY/TCotSM/LitC, which one should it be abbreviated into? Do give suggestions!~

In total: 2 volumes, 4 books/arcs 

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Volume 1
Chapter 1

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Volume 2


Synopsis (there’s 2 so I will include both – go for 2nd one for the more direct one)
1. Transmigrating is not my intention, repeating it in the same loop, again and again. In the chaotic six kingdoms, the family that used to overflow with happiness scattered to different places. I only wanted to live on, only desired to live my life with my loved ones.

春风少年,总角晏晏,红阁画楼人闲,腾云涌烟 怒涛千尺,黑风摧城天变,水阻雾拦三千里,雁来秋去又十年,弦似银钩,魄似蛾眉,凤箫声动新月,南风有翼,夜景阑珊,月下沉吟谁念,销魂出匣定千古 凤鸣千仞动苍天,黄泉碧落不见,生死与君绝,誓夺天下,为红颜遍染血笑江山拥婵娟 但看今生,是云翼之梦,还是夜月之缘

In the prime of youth, with the horn-like hairdo, smiling happily. Whilst drawing leisurely, as if it was in a great rage, the cloud comes roaring, extending up to thousands of foot. The black wind that damages the city and causing a great change; the water and mist that blocks the path three thousand miles ahead. With the rotating season and ten years passed, the strings, as if it’s a silver hook, or even like a crescent brows; the sounds from the flute that moves even the moon, the north wind, as if having wings. Under the night sky, who is the chant under the moon dedicated to? The luring soul that wander out of the box has the path set for thousand years to come, the roar of the phoenix that shook even the heaven; even if we can’t find one another after falling into the Yellow River/HuangQuan, only death will do us apart. With an oath under the sky, just for the sake of the lady, he will even wash the land with blood while laughing just to have her. But looking upon this life, it is a mere dream, or is it the determined destiny under the moon.

A totally different transmigration, swimming over the JiangHu and Imperial Hall as they like. With a Green Dragon and Crimson *Chi by her side protecting her, one is allowed to delve themselves into it, but do not let it mess the heart up.


2. If she was not the woman named Han Yue Xia, for sure she will have a happy and peaceful life. But she was born from a family that created Generals and every time it become chaotic, it is predestined that she will never have a happy and peaceful life. The Han Family of Jiao Cheng created a lot of war demons, and within the same night, she lost her parents, separated from her destroyed family, how can she forget her hatred and vengeance? 

Training herself with a sword for ten years, she was not the naive child that she used to be when she enters the world again. With the Sword of Luring Soul/Xiao Hun, she repaid the kindness and seek vengeance, abandoning her hairpin, she entered and exited the Imperial Hall freely. In between the raging clouds and rain, she accomplished her promises: Someday, she will for sure step over the world, looking over the west northern sky, and hunt the Sirius down!

In the beginning, it was all just a trade. He saved her elder brother, she assisted him in obtaining his right as an heir. But without knowing when, it had all somehow changed. Yun Zhi, Yun Zhi, the great ninth prince, in his heart, does it contain her or does it contain the world?

Everyone said that the Mian State’s nobleman is someone with a cold face and cold heart, but who could’ve guessed that he fell for her at first sight. The world is meaningless and useless to him. All that he wished for was to be able to live with his beloved one and isolated from the world.

The two men that are both outstanding, a story that can engulf both the mountain and ocean, will the destiny allow her to enjoy her life after overcoming all the pain, or will her wish never gets fulfilled?…


Akiha: I left the original 2nd paragraph of the first synopsis, which is poetries there. FYI, I’m only translating the poetry text based on my own understanding, so do tell me if you have an idea for a more precise translations (I’m bad at old Chinese and poems so it’s very cringy orz)

And since I’m translating off the novel’s synopsis, it’s different from the manhua’s synopsis – which is more direct

This is one of the two confirmed new projects, the other being this

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螭 Chi – “a hornless dragon” or “a mountain demon” in Chinese mythology. Hornless dragons were a common motif in ancient Chinese art, and the chiwen 螭吻 was an imperial roof decoration in traditional Chinese architecture. (According to Google)

Table of Content
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6 Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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