The Correct Way of Face Slapping Chapter 5 Arc 1.4

ARC 1.4: Slapping the face of a son from an aristocratic family

Translated by Lumina
Proofread by Daed

In which two guys sit next to each other in an airplane and make eye contact

OR: Gu Yunxi successfully catching the attention of a certain man with only one look.

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In the first-class cabin, a slender young man is closing his eyes. He has a beautiful appearance, long eyelashes and fair skin. His eyes are slightly closed, a slight breathing sound is slowly released into the air.

The sound of steady footsteps gradually approached, a tall man in a gray-blue suit sat down next to the youth.

Gu Yunxi has always been a light sleeper; therefore, he really hates it when other people disturb his sleep. The man’s oppressing aura made him (GY) unable to ignore him. Repressing his anger, Gu Yunxi opened his eyes to glance at him.

The man has a deeply outlined, sculpted face that is so handsome it’s invulnerable. He has short, ink black hair that’s combed to the back of his head. Although he’s wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, it’s hard to cover up the strength and severity in his appearance. His sharp eyes flashed from time to time with a hint of danger. This is a dangerous man, a man who inspires awe and terror.

Such a man is bound to be in a high position. Gu Yunxi carefully looked at him for a few seconds before pulling out the man’s information from the world data.

Qin Mo, the current head of the Qin family in Beijing. If the Su family finally became one of the first-class families in Beijing, then Qin family had always stood on top of all the families.

He controls all the Qin family’s business channels and is involved in every trade. On the surface, he is an innocent businessman. But he actually controls the entire underworld of C Country.

C Country is one of the harshest countries in the world in the suppression of the underworld. And it’s such a country that Qin Mo as the leader of the underworld lives like a fish back in the water, with no one daring to touch him. In addition, he also has monopolized the arms business in Southeast Asia, no other underworld organization in the world dares to compete with him.

Such a capable man who can call the wind and rain, but he fell in love with Su Zhan’s sister Su Ruo because of a trivial matter. Yes, Su Ruo, that delicate-looking girl.

For Su Ruo, he did not hesitate to damage the interests of the Qin family, supporting Su Zhan to enter the huge profitable arms business and share with the Qin family. He helped the Su family several times when the Su family fell into crisis, acting as a silent guardian. Even if Su Ruo finally chose to marry Du Yan, who had no ability to learn, he still left a third of his power for his beloved girl to protect her and use it for her. He himself went abroad because of his heartache.

Gu Yunxi really didn’t understand what this person was thinking. Qin Mo is a very strong and indifferent person. Even a close brother may not be able to evoke his emotional fluctuations. However, such a person is fascinated with a girl from an ordinary second-class family, doing everything inconsistent with his usual principles for this girl. However, when Su Ruo married Du Yan, he did not stop her.

With Qin Mo’s ability, investigating Du Yan is naturally easy. On one hand, he loved Su Ruo uncontrollably. On the other hand, he let his beloved girl marry a scum. What kind of contradictory mindset is this?

According to the world’s data, Qin Mo’s affection for Su Ruo is because Su Ruo is a redemption to Qin Mo. She is the only light in his dark world after he has tasted the warmth and coldness of human beings.

Ten years ago, after Qin Mo’s parents died, he faced threats to his life from all directions. Even his biological brother stood against him, under the provocation of others, for the sake of the family fortune.

At that time, Qin Mo was just a nineteen-year-old boy whose had been thoroughly hurt by those closest to him. He experienced several hardships before he survived. His heart became empty in the darkness, and he lost his feelings for the world. As he walked down the street, Su Ruo happened to show up. At a time where everyone betrayed him, she gave him a warm hug and words of encouragement.

At that time, Su Ruo was a ten-year-old child with a simple cheerful smile on her face. It was this kind of unguarded hug and smile that saved Qin Mo.

After Qin Mo took control of Qin family, naturally he became an safety umbrella for Su Ruo and indirectly the Su family. Su Zhan was able to make a few big businesses as soon as he took over the company because of his secret safeguard. However, Qin Mo’s identity determined that he must live in the dark with constant threats against his life.

He deeply loved Su Ruo, how could he put this wonderful girl in the middle of danger? So, he even if he helped the Su family, he did it quietly. He silently lifted the Su family to the status of a first-class family. Rather than say that the Su family flourished under Su Zhan’s leadership, it’s better to say that it’s all thanks to the behind-the-scenes support of Qin Mo.

Gu Yunxi leaned back, closing his eyes and slightly lifting the corners of his mouth to reveal a sarcastic smile. The redemption of a teenager? He loves Su Rou deeply? Ridiculous!

Qin Mo is a very paranoid person. How can he fall in love with a silly little girl after only one encounter? He is not a perverted lolicon. This is probably the golden finger that Heaven gave to Su Zhan, the darling. Qin Mo was just affected by Heaven.

Under Heaven’s control, Gu Yunxi has reincarnated thousands of times. He’s seen more than enough of these people who are affected by Heaven. But in the end, it has nothing to do with him. The only one who he wants to kill is Su Zhan. If Qin Mo is going to confront him for Su Zhan, he doesn’t mind fighting him as well.

Qin Mo unconsciously tightened his back when the young man beside him looked over. Unlike those who wanted to be close to him in the past, there was no fear or flattery in those eyes. There had only been scrutiny and eagerness to try.

The youth is undoubtedly beautiful, especially those eyes, dark and bright. When they are not smiling, they are similar to a blooming beautiful blue rose–charming and seductive. Yet the slightly raised end of those eyes also make him look extremely evil. When he wanted to look intently, the young man had already taken his eyes off of him and turned his head to sleep.

Gu Yunxi didn’t care if he’d attracted Qin Mo’s attention or not. Actually, it’s quite boring to one-sidedly face slap Su Zhan. If he had Qin Mo as an opponent, it would at least add some entertainment to his life. He likes highly difficult challenges; he believes Qin Mo will become a good opponent.

Although the two sat together, there was no communication along the way, not even a simple greeting. Qin Mo was a little curious about Gu Yunxi, but it was not enough for him to take the initiative to talk. Besides, the person before him has made it clear that he didn’t want to talk to him.

After getting off the plane, Gu Yunxi looked back at Qin Mo with a faint smile, meeting the eyes of the man who looked over. The two stared at each other for a moment, before they respectively turned around and left.

Qin Mo had a hunch that he would meet this young man again.


In his four years in D Country, Gu Yunxi successfully applied for Getchlin Company, becoming their chief technology officer. He devoted himself every day to experiments, successfully developing many advanced medical equipment and drugs. This allowed Getchlin to become the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, the supply not immediately not being able to meet the demands whenever a product is released.

Du Xi’s name is well-known in the universal biological field, and had caused an uproar at one time. His resume was written that he was at the junior high school level, but he was able to develop the products that the professor level people are never be able to research in a lifetime.

This trip back is precisely because Getchlin has finally decided to enter C Country after preparing for four years. As the chief technical officer, he was invited to C Country to control the market and execute arrangements with Adam, the current person in charge of C country

In addition, as a legendary figure in D’s biological world, he was invited by the academic exchange of C University as soon as they heard the news of his return to his home country. C University’s attitude is very sincere, it’s not good to reject on Getchlin’s side. They could only trouble Gu Yunxi to speak at their school during his time in C Country and exchange the latest technology.

Gu Yunxi became accustomed to living in D Country, the ultimate purpose of accepting the invitation this time was to return to the country to complete Du Xi’s desire——let Su Zhan lose his reputation.

As for his future life, he decided to return to D Country. Whether if it was for the original body or for him, C country had nothing left worthy of nostalgia. His thoughts casually drifting to the Qin Mo who he met on the plane, Gu Yunxi raised the corner of his mouth in an eager smile. He will definitely see that man again.

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