The King of Variety Entertainment

The King of Variety Entertainment



In the parallel world Yang An transmigrated to, Yang An was surprised to find none of the variety shows he was familiar with: “Extreme Challenge”, “Where is Dad”, “Happy Comedy”, “I am a Singer”, “We all love to laugh”, “Running Brothers”… None of them! 

Yang An smiled: “I want to be the king of variety entertainment! I want to be a big star!”… Committed to funny and positive energy transmission, the national male god will take responsibility to promote traditional culture and be a bloody man!

Chapter 1 translated by @Fox23

Chapter 2 and onward by @gentpixel

Chapter 1: The Program Group to be Disbanded Chapter 1.1 | Chapter 1.2 | Chapter 1.3

Chapter 2: “The Slippery Funny Talk”

Chapter 3: Program Start