The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love Chapter 3

The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love

Chapter 3:  Tsundere president’s spoiled pet

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    “Xiao 66, is the male owner driving by himself?” She poured the whiskey in her hand into her mouth, and she coughed hard at the spicy taste. 

    She was so drunk that her whole head was faint with dizziness.  

    “But of course, as he still has not even had a sip of wine, and it’s most likely that he wants to drive home. ”

    “Hey…” Luo Liyan grinned, and smiled lightly. “Tell me his license plate number.” 

    “Surely you do no want to use your gold finger so soon. You do not even have a single gold bean, so why should I let you use it. ”

    “In any case, you can only use it once a day; to not use it would be wasteful.” Luo Liyan sighed. “And I am entirely controlled by you, so how can you be afraid that I won’t repay the beans?” 

    “You robber! ” 666 was angered to the point of unwellness, “Mu Lingxi’s license plate number is XXXXX. Remember, you owe me 10 gold beans; this is to be returned! ”

    “An, can’t you just keep your own account.” Luo Liyan waved her hand without giving a damn and staggered into the elevator. 

    Who knows if fate planned this, but her little pink Fit was parked right across Mu Lingxi’s white Aston Martin. 

[Translator’s note: if you couldn’t guess from context, but a Fit is apparently a Honda car model.]

    Nausea churned in her stomach, so with one foot pressing the gas pedal down to the maximun, she crashed her small Fit. 


    Mu Lingxi’s thin lips pursed into a straight line, and darkly stared at his brand new sports car. 

    A small pink fly slammed into the car door, denting the whole thing.  

    The perpetrator bit her fingers and stared at herself with a stupid smile. 

    “Sorry, I really didn’t do it on purpose. I will compensate you for all the damages. Please don’t call the police and don’t call car insurance okay?” Luo Liyan put her hands together under the chin, shooting a pitiful look at Mu Lingxi.

    “Compensation? Drinking and driving, are you sure that you will only lose money?” Mu Lingxi’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, and he looked disgusted at Luo Liyan who couldn’t stand up straight.

    Oh, anyone really can get a driver’s license! 

    Driving in this kind of state was just asking for death and even the death of innocent people. 

    “I… I didn’t mean it. I just slipped my foot.” Luo Liyan pouted, half shameful half spoiled, and said, “If it’s a big deal, I can offer more compensation okay! 

    ” More compensation?” Mu Lingxi’s face was black enough to drip ink. “Do you think I will accept so much money?” For 

    After living for so many years, this was the first time he met someone who wanted to pay him money to get out of trouble.  

    “You look down on me?” Luo Liyan slid out of her car, pouting half shameful, half spoiled and said, “I have money!” 

    Reaching in her small purse, she took out a bank card, waving it in Mu Lingxi’s face. 

    “Give you! Your disgusting boyfriend’s money you should leave for your group of disgusting boyfriends.” 

[Translator’s note: “Give you!” in this context is more of a curse.]

    “System prompt: 5 gold beans have been deducted due to a decline in the male’s good feelings. ”

    Luo Liyan frowned and frowned, then took a breath. 

    “You are all bad people, you are bullying me!” 

    Mu Lingxi’s handsome face tightened up like death, black enough to drip ink. 

    “Wishing for death!” He cursed a low voice and wringed Luo Liyan’s neck.

    His grip was so strong that she immediate had difficulties breathing.


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5 thoughts on “The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love Chapter 3

    1. I feel like she kinda deserved it—albeit she should be arrested, not choked. Driving while drunk isn’t a joke. From his perspective, who knows how many innocent people she was about to kill? Granted his response was wrong—he should have called the police instead, but frankly I dislike the MC right now, so a part of me doesn’t care. I’ve probably been reading too many Chinese novels and gotten a bit callous. 😞

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree, she’s acting really stupid and irresponsible what’s even going on in her head?
        I’m kinda on the Ml side, like if you met a drunk girl who’s just cursing and waving a card to pay off a dangerous accident… I would fight tbh

        Liked by 2 people

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