The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love Chapter 4

The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love

Chapter 4: Tsundere president’s spoiled pet

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Both of Luo Liyan’s hands were weak and were caught in Mu Lingxi’s arm in two seconds. Luo Liyan found his grip get tighter and tighter, and then gave up on struggling.

When she thought of how she inexplicably arrive to this situation and the female and male scum who smashed the original owner’s body, a tear from the corner of her eye rolled down.


The white exquisite face, coupled with the peach blossom eyes full of desperate hope, was so beautiful that it caused people’s hearts to jump.

[Translator’s note: technically speaking, the author used apricot eyes (杏眸) instead of peach blossom eyes…  I’m not sure if I’m misunderstanding colloquial Chinese or if this is what the author is going for.]

Mu Lingxi’s expression revealed a frosty look, not letting out that his heart jumped twice except through a wrinkle in his two sword eyebrows.  He step sided her attempted to fall to the ground.
“You thought you could avoid your responsibility by playing drunk here?” The contempt and disdain in Mu Lingxi’s tone was undisguised.

Luo Liyan wiped away the tears on her face with force. She blindly found the bank card on the ground, and then climbed up from the ground. She swayed as she forced the card into Mu Lingxi’s hand.

“Give you! All for you! Is 2 million is enough or not! One and a half year of time is worth 2 million, this uncle is not rare. This kind of dirty money, you might as well take it all.”

“Your family’s gold master does not want you anymore? “Mu Lingxi sarcastically sneered. “When you want to take shortcuts, such a day is normal. It’s not like you didn’t get a breakup fee either. By hiding here to live or die, who do you want to fool?”

A thought suddenly popped into Mu Lingxi’s head. He pinched Luo Liyan’s chin and began to mockingly laugh.

“Or do you think that I am your next home?”

“Roll!” Luo Liyan did not even have to think. Her leg rose into the air and her knee slammed into Mu Lingxi’s unspeakable place.

The force was so strong, he instantly release his grip on Luo Liyan, his face iron gray.

He wanted to kneed his injury but he instead angrily supported himself up with all his strength, both hands clenched into tight fists.

However, Luo Liyan did not let him go. Raising her purse into the air, she slammed her bag into his body with even more force this time.

“You bully a woman! You look down on me! Scum guys like you are bad news.”

“Are you finally done being troublesome!” Mu Lingxi grinded his teeth and avoided a few attacks. He captured Luo Liyan’s flailing hands. “I will take you home first. If there is anything else, it can wait until tomorrow to be dealt with.”

“Go home?” Luo Liyan’s head was tilted in a silly manner as she repeated his sentence. Suddenly she tiptoed in front of Mu Lingxi.

“Little big brother, do you want to go home with this uncle and wait for a good reward.”


Mu Lingxi’s face was iron gray, and he resisted the urge to smother Luo Liyan. He somewhat rudely lifted her onto his shoulders, then stuffed her into the back seat.

Pulling out the car key from the Luo Liyan’s little purse, he moved the Fit aside. And when Mu Lingxi looked at his demolished car, he placed his hand on his forehead.
In the end, he grinded his teeth a few times and got into the car.

Fortunately, on this road, Luo Liyan did not make a peep. In just half an hour, they returned to Mu Lingxi’s high-class apartment located in the center of the city.

Bending over the little person sleeping away sweetly, he lifted her out the car. Just as he stepped into the spacious elevator, Luo Liyan suddenly woke up and grabbed the elevator door with a death grip.

“Help! Indecent! Someone is being raped!” The shrill shouts echoed deafeningly in the silent night that even Mu Lingxi’s eardrums were in pain.

His big palm landed a solid slap on Luo Liyan’s butt. He threatened, “Scream again and you will be feed to the piranha.”

“Don’t eat me! I am not tasty; my meat is sour!” Luo Liyan sealed her lips with a fright.

“The piranhas are not picky eaters.” Mu Lingxi’s sinisterly sneered.

As the elevator doors closed, a vomiting sound could then be heard.

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