The Legend of Divine Mystics

Author: Tinni_15


In the arms of Ryan, laid a maiden. From seeing her silver locks flowing with the wind, he felt pure adoration towards her. Small, tingling sensations could be felt from the points where their skin touched.


This is the story of an unimaginable love, magic, adventure and action.

A village orphan Anuja, who remains unknown of her destiny and true existence. Anuja, a girl full of confidence and dedication towards her work. She likes to be independent but has an empty feeling within her heart that could be filled by only one.

Unknown to his world.

A proud but kind Emperor, Ryan, King of all Supernaturals. Cares for his people and friends alike. He believes in treating everyone the way they treat others. But he too has an empty void in his heart for someone special, his mate.

Even unconfirmed of her sole existence, he has waited patiently for her for the past 200 years.

his 22 year old appearance, he keeps on wooing women but his heart cares for none. He continues to live in a world completely different to the one in which he waits for her.

Table of Contents:

  1. Character Description
  2. Chapter 1: Strange Dreams
  3. Chapter 2: Village Life
  4. Chapter 3: Stormy Night
  5. Chapter 4: King of Supernaturals
  6. Chapter 5: Unexpected Encounter
  7. Chapter 6: The Mysterious Visitor
  8. Chapter 7: Prophecy of the Immortals
  9. Chapter 8: A Passionate Breakfast