The Man Standing At the Top of the Food Chain

Author: Big Dull

Translator: @gentpixel


Likes to act cute, likes to put on a facade, and likes to act stupid even more.

Intelligence 999, combat prowess 999999. No matter if you believe it or not, I am not exaggerating.

Flat chests are evil, big breasts are justice. Most favourite type is Queens that are black-bellied and straightforward.

Not knowing how to pick girls up, being in a romantic relationship is a hassle.

Other than that, I’m good at everything and the world is there for me to play with.

I’m a crazy man, I’m a moron, I’m an idiot, I’m eccentric. I admit it because I dare to say it.

Not satisfied? Come and bite me!

Different from all of you.

I’m the man that stood at the top of the food chain.


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