The Queen’s Husband Chapter 1

The Queen’s Husband Chapter 1


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T/N: Only translating this chapter as a teaser. Hopefully this will help convince someone to pick up this novel.

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Returning home in the evening after work, Lan Xiaoru pushed the half-open door open to see that couple asleep on top of her newly bought Simmons bed in an extremely ambiguous embrace. Lan Xiaoru’s eye twitched, her mouth twitched, and even her whole body twitched. [T/N: Simmons is a luxury brand that is popularly among 5-star hotels.]

There was only one thought in her head. I trusted! Cheated on again!

She didn’t recognize the woman on the bed, but the man, even if he became a ghost, she could recognized as her boyfriend of two month, Bi Jian!

Grandma! Was she cursed? Found four boyfriends, and all four cheated on her within three months of their relationship! But also, she caught them all in bed!

[T/N: Grandma is a curse in this context.]

She was only 23 years old this year. Want good looks? she had the looks. Want good figure? She had the figure. Money? Humph. Her dad was the president of the world-renown Golden Eagle Group. It stood to reason that she was pretty, had lots of money gold, was smart and clever. Her temper was good as well. The boyfriends in a relationship with her should be content, but why was she so cursed that when she found one, she was cheated on! She refused to accept this! All she wanted was to find a man wholeheartedly focused to her. Was that so difficult?


A sky-wrenching anger rose from her chest and quickly spread through her body. She clenched her fists, closed her eyes, took a deep breath, then opened her eyes. She grabbed the precious antique vase on the ground and threw it at the bed.

“Ah…” An awful scream sounded. Bi Jian was hit by a heavy object and let out a wrenched scream. He painfully set up in bed. At first glance, he saw Lan Xiaoru angered to the point of flaming, and his handsome face immediately whitened in fear and chattered: “Xiaoru, you, you are back.” He grabbed the clothes scattered on the ground and started putting them back onto his body hurriedly.

The woman next to him woke up, eyes still sleepy, and looked at Lan Xiaoruo with a bad face.

She shouted: “Who are you? How did you run into my house!”

Bi Jian quickly pushed her: “She is my girlfriend! Quickly put on your clothes and go out.”

The woman did not move. She stared at Lan Xiaoru without care, her eyes full of provocation: “Your girlfriend? Oh, I know now, this is that beautiful and rich Lan Xiaorus whose men frequently will cheat on. Incomparable beauty? Incomparable wealth? Beauty nor money can’t capture a man’s heart!”

Your house? Lan Xiaorui’s whole body was full of anger. She sneered. The damn woman that’s a dove occupying the magpie’s nest! She grabbed the unfamiliar high heels on the ground and threw it at the woman. She shouted: “Vixen! Hurry and roll out of here!”

The woman was enraged. She dodged the pair of high heels and grabbed the phone lying in bed to throw at Lan Xiaoruo. Her mouth mocked: “The old lady will not roll! What can you do with me!”

Lan Xiaori was furious. She reached out to catch the cell phone flying at her; however, she caught nothing, and her forehead was suddenly hit. Pain sudden sprouted in her forehead, and her body staggered. She quickly held onto the wall for support and stood up. She reached her hand out to tough her forehead and a surge of vertigo suddenly hit her.

“Lulu! You are crazy!” Bi Jian saw the woman attacked Lan Xiaoruo and immediately slapped her, snarling.

Lulu was not a good person, and immediately screamed: ” Bi Jian! You are a little white face! It was obviously you, this cheap man, who seduce this old lady. You still…”

[T/N: A little white face is a useless man who relies on his rich/ powerful female partner. It’s an insult targeting male pride. Lulu was referring to herself as an old lady as unattractive to give her the higher moral ground.]

Lan Xiaoru only felt lots of pain in her forehead was very painful and held onto her forehand as she slowly lowered her body down. The phone Lulu hit her with was the new Rose cell phone she just gifted Bi Jian. It was pure black, metal, widescreen, super thick body, and it was hefty like a stone. She once joked with Bi Jian that if the phone ever hit her head, she would be knocked unconscious.  She never thought that her crow’s mouth would be proven true.

[T/N: Rose is the brand of the cell phone if it’s not clear. Crow’s mouth is when someone jinxes you and it actually comes true.]


Not good. The head was really painful and dizzy… The sound around her seemed to have disappeared. She murmured damn before everything in her sight turned black, and she fell down onto the floor…

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  1. I hope someone pick it up. It’s one of hilarious novel I mtl. Like how mc messed up harem, how she created hotel, nightclubs name it as former Empress hotel. Her backer is empress dowager who love her very much, later it reveal she was original mc biology mother. She is ambitious, raise emperor to control him. Emperor hate original mc for getting love of his mother empress dowager, but he didn’t get.

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