The Queen’s Husband

The Queen’s Husband

Author: 青妃意

Genre: comedy, harem, historical, josei

Status: completed in the original site

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Cross over to ancient time after such betrayal, the emperor being humiliated, the concubines bullied. Okay, queen, don’t mind! She was more at ease out of the palace! Turn the county mansion into a queen’s hotel, palace maid as waitress and guards as bodyguards… At night, counting the silver (money) laughed out of sight, and beautiful man sent to the door to serve enthusiastically. So satisfying!

Note: this is josei and harem, that’s mean our MC will meet some MLs in the future…. I can’t tell you how many the ML though, you’ve been inform yo ^^

Translator @desipfragrant

Schedule: 1-2 chapter/weekday; bonus chapter on weekend


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