The Rebirth Waste Strikes Back C45.1

The Rebirth Waste Strikes Back

Chapter 45 Qihe Picking Faults

About the chapter title: 茬 is the short stems and roots left in the field after harvesting or the facial hair stubble

Since the previous translator’s back, I’m dropping this project.

 Qi Zhaorong closed his eyes. He could no longer keep reading the book in his hand.  Qi Zhaorong closed the book headed towards into the dormitory.

    “Master, you are back.” Qi Heng asked.

    The college has arranged four-person dorm rooms for students in the special classes. If one wanted to live in a single, one would need to pay an additional thousand gold coins. Many students in special classes applied for a single dormitory regardless as one of the advantages of a single was being able to bring a is that you can bring a reading companion.

    “Master, did you not go to the library. I heard that the Tianlan College’s library is the largest in the country. Shenghuang College once wanted to invest 10 million gold coins to buy a portion of the precious books in the library, but the headmaster who’s desperate for money refused.” Qi Heng said.

    Qi Zhaorong held his forehead and said anxiously: “There might be some trouble.”

    Qi Heng looked at Qi Zhaorong and said: “What happened?”

    “Zhuang Ling is a professor of Tianlan College’s History Department.” Qi Zhaorong said.

    Qi Heng was puzzled: “Is there a problem?”

    “She seems to have vaguely guessed my other identity.” Qi Zhaorong said.

    Qi Heng squinted and said, “How is that possible?”


    Qi Zhaorong shrugged and said: “There are too many smart people in this world.” He stayed with Zhuang Hao for so long, but when Zhuang Hao met him now, he had no idea at all. Rather, it was this Zhuang Ling who all of a sudden noticed that something was not right. Who knew if Zhuang Ling was too smart or Zhuang Hao was too stupid.

    “Zhuang Ling is only doubtful?” Qi Heng asked.

    Qi Zhaorong nodded and said, “Yes, she said she would not intervene.”

    “That’s good. In fact, Master, even if Miss Zhuang Ling said something, some people would still not believe it!” Qi Heng said.

    Qi Zhaorong nodded and said, “Yes!”

    “I heard that Zhuang Hao was here, and when headmaster saw him, it was just like seeing gold ingots. Before even talking, he wanted to start prying the corners of the wall[1]. It’s a pity it didn’t come to fruition.” Qi Heng said.

    Qi Zhaorong started to bear his hand and said: “Zhuang Hao, this guy is really amazing. Was this really not due to reincarnation? Everyone treats him differently.”

    Qi Heng nodded and said, “That is not it.”

    Qi Zhaorong is full of exclamation: “This guy is really good! Not only does the Zhuang Family lead the four major families, but his talent is outstanding. How may good things does this guy have in his life!”

    “Master, are you tempted now?” Qi Heng asked.

    “Tempted? When I meet such a guy, I only have one kind of idea. I am a person who can recognize unfairness at a glance, stumble on the ground, before standing back on two feet[2].” Qi Zhaorong said gloomily.

    Qi Heng looked at Qi Zhaorong, full of helpless words: “Master, you are so fierce!”

    Qi Zhaorong smiled and said: “Who said otherwise?”

    Qi Heng: “…”


    The college enrollment period soon ended.

    Out of courtesy, Qi Zhaorong walked into the classroom on the first day.

    When Qi Zhaorong entered the classroom, he regretted it immediately. After he arrived at the classroom, he found a corner to sat down. Qi Zhaorong wanted to keep a low profile, but he couldn’t keep a low profile.

    The surrounding students’ eyes concentrated on him Some were sympathetic, some were compassionate, and others were gloating…

    Even if they were all family waste, there were still three, six, nine, etc. types of waste. Qi Zhaorong, a magical waste, in the eyes of the students, was seen as the lowest type of waste.

    Qi Zhaorong hit his head. He was a low-key person, and really didn’t like to attract attention.

    Qi Zhaorong stayed in class for only one period before leaving.

    “Master, how come you are back already?” Qi Heng asked.

    Qi Zhaorong took a deep breath and said: “The lesson in class, there’s no point in attending.”

    “Master, don’t forget, going to class is a waste of time, but you originally came for the college’s library. You can go directly to the library to read the book then.” Qi Heng said.

    Qi Zhaorong nodded and said, “Yes!”

    Qi Zhaorong is a dual light and dark magician. Qi Zhaorong has been living on this continent for so many years, but he has yet to hear of other people with such affinities. However, Qi Zhaorong is sure that other people with this type of property must exist. However, if it cannot be revealed through a test, then it can become a magic weapon.

    Qi Zhaorong’s cultivation has entered a bottleneck, and so he thought of this opportunity given by his family to enter the college’s library and find a solution.

    Tianlan College’s library is world-famous and is said to have many handwritten letters left by almighty God tens of thousands of years ago.

    Qi Zhaorong reported to the library on time every day and read the books in the library.

    Qi Zhaorong staying in the library for ten days caught the attention of many people.

    “That’s Qi Zhaorong. He doesn’t go to class every day, but instead runs to the library to put on a show for people.”

    “Yes! A magical waste actually looking at magic books. He thinks that by looking at more magic books, he can become a magician.”

    “He’s flipping through the books really fast. Is he really reading them?”

    “Stop talking. This guy is already pitiful enough. Zhuang Hao broke their engagement. He should be feeling uncomfortable in his heart.”

    “If Zhuang Hao did not break the engagement, would he really be with this piece of waste? It would be too much to blame Zhuang Hao.” 

[1] Means trying to poach

[2] Means he can over come all obstacles


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