The Rebirth Waste Strikes Back Chapter 44.2

Chapter 44: Zhuang Ling’s doubts

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Zhuang Ling sat across from Qi Zhaorong, slouching her head and looked at Qi Zhaorong. “Professor Zhuang Ling, Zhuang Hao has left.”

    “If he left, then he left. We may be able to chat.” Zhuang Ling stared at Qi Zhaorong.

    “Professor Zhuang Ling, is there anything you can teach?” Qi Zhaorong lowered his head slightly and rubbed the pages in his hand.

    Zhuang Ling smiled and said: “Fourth Master Qi, do you not think that you and the Ghost Doctor are very similar?”

    Qi Zhaorong smiled and said: “I think we both enjoy of visiting brothels. In other aspects, we seem to be not very similar.”

    Zhuang Ling shook her head and said: “Master Qi, you are incorrect. Since young, I have been taking medicine, so I am very sensitive to the smell of medicine. Student Qi, do you know? You have a smell of medicine, the exact same scent as the Ghost Doctor.”

    Qi Zhaorong smiled and said: “Miss Zhuang, you are wrong. This is not a medicinal smell, but the scent of a perfume. The Ghost Doctor and I use the same kind of perfume, so it’s not surprising that our scents are the same. ”

    Zhuang Ling smiled and said: “It is not surprising that the scents are similar. I heard that Master Qi and the Ghost Doctor lie on the same bed. I think, do you both lie in the same bed every day, wherever you sleep is where the Ghost Doctor sleeps?”


    Qi Zhaorong lowered his head with a veiled smiled. He said: “Professor Zhuang Ling, you can really joke. The Ghost Doctor has so many admirers. How can I be so blessed to be able to sleep with him on the same bed every day!”

    “Student Qi must not underestimate yourself. Your charm is big. Master Qi, what do you think of Zhuang Hao!” Zhuang Ling asked.

    “Super stupid. He actually ran to his former fiancée to inquire about the whereabouts of others. This guy is really not going anywhere. Even if I don’t hate him for retreating from marriage, but by always appearing in front of him, he’s really not afraid of earning my hatred.” Qi Zhaorong said sarcastically.

    Zhuang Ling nodded and said: “Isn’t it silly? This kid, doing things recklessly. He doesn’t think about what will happen, but in fact, he is still a good boy. Student Qi, don’t you agree? ”

    Qi Zhaorong: “Of course, I grew up listening to the Zhuang Hao’s deeds. He has a very large reputation! Mistress Zhuang, if it’s not good, my 5th sister and Yi family’s lady, will they not chase after him……”

    Zhuang Ling smiled and said: “Since young, A Hao has been cold. But, there are many people who chase him, and he can’t even look at one positively. Yet, when he finally was impressed by someone, the other did not even take him seriously. Without even saying a word, that person left.”

    Qi Zhaorong smiled and said: “These past days, A Hao’s young heart has finally stopped. Young and frivolous, he will inevitable to do something confusing.”

    “Student Qi, you seem to be a little younger than A Hao. When you talk, it is very similar to the Ghost Doctor. It is old-fashioned.” Zhuang Ling joked.

    Qi Zhaorong smiled and said: “It’s me who mispresents myself.”

    “Student Qi is not alike to how other people describe you! A Hao retiring from this marriage is perhaps the most incorrect move,” Zhuang Ling said.

    Qi Zhaorong smiled and said: “Professor Zhuang is joking. Zhuang Hao is so good, naturally there are better people waiting for him.”

    “Student Qi, I still have something to say. First of all, if you see the Ghost Doctor, say hello to him for me.” Zhuang Ling said.

    Qi Zhaorong nodded and said: “Of course, Professor Zhuang Ling, you will not tell Zhuang Hao about our conversation.”

    Zhuang Ling smiled and said: “Reassured, I will not intervene with you young people.”

Qi Zhaorong smiled and watched Zhuang Ling leave.

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