The Right Way for the Protagonist and Villain to Interact Ch.2 Part 1

Hello, Daed here. Sorry for the long wait! This chapter was pretty long so it’s split in two. The next part will be released with this. But I’m thinking of releasing parts by day next time so that there’ll be a faster turn-out. Let me know which you would prefer?

Release in parts – interval of 1-2 days or release all at once – 3-4 days

If you want to read CH1, it’s been translated by BLyai in 2 parts: CH1 Pt1 and CH1 Pt2

Translated by Daed
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The noise of the censer[1] beside the bed woke the figure lying on the bed. Sitting up quickly, Li Jinzhi felt like his head was being split open.

A dark red jade bed, green muslin bed curtains, and a retro windowsill entered his vision——

Where is this place?

The memories before he fell unconscious began to return to him. He looked around him frantically, noticing that he’s also holding another hand. The pale skin contrasted with the purple bruising.

Lin Jinzhi quickly let go, an apologetic feeling rising within him. That purple bruise was his doing.

He was surprised to find that his arm seemed to have gotten a lot shorter. He belatedly realized and narrowed his eyes, an idea beginning to form——

Before he could figure out what had happened or even take a look at the owner of the hand, a young girl rushed by the bedside, nearly overturning the censer.

“Wuuu wuuu wuu[2], Jinzhi gege, you kept holding onto this lowly servant’s[3] hand. No one could separate you two~” The sweet female voice is melodious and moving, except that it is presently out of tune due to its sobbing and sniffling, “It was so close just now, Sisi was so worried.[4] If I hadn’t saved you…..”

Jinzhi? Lowly servant? She saved me?

Catching onto these key phrases, Lin Jinzhi furrowed his brow. He didn’t speak up to comfort the crying girl, but slowly contemplated over the little information that he had.

This name somehow sounds familiar??

His eyebrows rose unconsciously, and he put down the unease that was faintly rising in his chest. Lin Jinzhi brought his attention back to the side of the mattress, onto the owner of that hand.

He’s really very skinny. The deeply protruding cheeks and eyes are all signs of the youth’s circumstances.

He’s a lowly servant?

“You…You’re awake.” A voice that became hoarse and broken from sickness. It sounded like an old bellow, and carried a little unease.

It was only now that Lin Jinzhi noticed that the other party’s face is flushed sickly red, and his watery eyes bloodshot. His thin body is still clad in an undergarment that is only half-dry.

What a terrible body condition——

Lin Jinzhi pulled the figure up from the cold floor, and pulled apart the not-so-secure undergarment. He furrowed his brows at the other party’s pants, coldly commanding, “Take it off.”

“……” The youth looked at him uneasily, cowering backwards. Yet he made no move.

There’s no time to worry about anything else, the other party’s state is very wrong. Just the thought that this happened because of him made Lin Jinzhi feel impossibly guilty.

Grabbing a handful of the blanket open, he single-handedly yanked the youth in.

The youth is already on the skinny side, and even weaker in his sick state. With this sudden yank, he practically fell inside the bedding. The other party didn’t even have time to react before Lin Jinzhi tore his pants off and shoved him into the bedding. Even the corner of the bedding was quickly tucked in properly. 

“Yah! Jinzhi gege, how could you let this bastard[5] sleep in your bed!” The crying girl seemed to have suddenly come to her senses, jumping up to her feet to complain.

Just as the girl who referred to herself as Sisi finished speaking, Lin Jinzhi could feel the figure beneath him slightly shrink as if intending to uncover the blanket to leave. He pressed the figure down.

He turned to glance at the young girl with refined features, a gleam of disgust quickly flashing at the bottom of his eyes. “Bastard”….

“Is there any medicine?” His tone is icy cold, ignoring Sisi’s expression of grievance. “Can you help me get some medicine?”

The little girl’s eyes flickered repeatedly between the youth and Lin Jinzhi, before she bit her lip and angrily stormed out of the room.

Jinzhi, Sisi, the hand that’s gotten several times smaller, a bitter experience inside an ice hole, a bedroom full of ancient colors and smells…Lin Jinzhi has a vague guess…

The room is quiet. Lin Jinzhi’s bare back is poked by a finger. Once he lowers his head he sees an uneasy youth buried in the blankets, his red eyes staring at him as if they’re worried about something——

“Do you hate that I’m a bastard?” The youth asked hesitantly, his eyes gazing into Lin Jinzhi’s pupils in search for something.

Lin Jinzhi noticed that this person’s body had suddenly stiffened. He said gently, “Not at all, she was very rude.” He paused, staring into the other’s suddenly bright eyes, “Don’t refer to yourself as a ‘bastard.’ If you want others to show respect for you, you must first show respect for yourself. What’s your name?”

The tense body slowly relaxed from Lin Jinzhi’s words, “I….I only know that my mother’s surname was Ye. I don’t have a name, or…a father.”

No father and called “bastard” by others, it’s so similar to his own experience. Lin Jinzhi lowered his eyes. He was just about to say something, but his heart dropped for a moment.

A mother surnamed Ye…Ye… “Ye Yu——”

The youth beside him suddenly sat upright, his voice slightly trembling as he asked, “Are…Are you bestowing a name upon me?”


Lin Jinzhi dazedly turned his head, his face full of confusion. He suddenly remembered that big villain surnamed Ye, is all. What is this about bestowing names?

Youngster, overthinking is an illness, referred to as “Head Canon” in medical terms. You should treat it!

“No….” Lin Jinzhi started to deny, but then he saw the joy that suddenly gathered on the youth’s face. The words that he was about to say changed, “No, it’s nothing. As long as you’re happy.” No one knows, how strong that feeling of happiness is from the willingness of another person to give you a name.

Unfortunately, he chose his own name.

As for the chrysanthemum-busting monster Ye Yu——

Erm…Since the benefactor in the original story is a dead residential identity, there should be no problem if it was the same name right? No problem…right?

Anyways, it may not necessarily be transmigration into a book——

Lin Jinzhi consoled himself for a moment. He did look at the youth beside him whose eyes are wild with joy. Naturally, he missed the puzzlement and vigilance within those eyes.

“Do you know what my surname is?” A sound as light as if he’s talking to himself, carrying a slight tremble.

The youth adjacent to him heard him, “Ji Yu City Lin Family Castle, master naturally is surnamed Lin.”


[1] “暖炉” – radiator, space heater, fireplace/hearth. Censers are incense burners and portable heat furnaces. They were what kept the ancient Chinese warm.

[2] Crying noises….

[3] “贱奴” or lowly/cheap slave, way to refer to their servants

[4] Referring to herself by her name (Sisi).

[5] “杂种” – hybrid, mixed breed, mutt, bastard, etc.


2 thoughts on “The Right Way for the Protagonist and Villain to Interact Ch.2 Part 1

  1. Thank you for picking up this novel.
    It’s kind of confusing at first, but after reading a few times, I can understand.
    Maybe it’s because I just wake up?
    Looking forward to the continuation.


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