The Road to be the Strongest One Day: Chapter 1 Episode 2


A transparent window appeared before my eyes. Faced with this I stood stunned, fear washing through me as I gazed at the status window.


Name: undeclared

Race: Vampire (true ancestor)

Level 1

HP 100

 MP 500

 STR 200

 VIT 80

 DEX 200

 INT 300

 MND 60

 AGI 150

 LUK 100


-True Ancestor


-shadow magic lvl1

-itembox lvl1

-shadow king lvl1

-3X experience




-Creation lvl1

-Water magic lvl1

-Wind magic lvl1

-Bestowal magic lvl1

-Appraise lvl1

-intimidate lvl1


-shortsword lvl1

-dangersense lvl1

-all attribute resistance lvl1

-confusion resistance lvl1



-One Blessed by the Creation God



“This is a status, right?”

My gaze drifted up to the heavens, countless retorts and words of criticism began to flow out as I muttered to myself. 

“What, who wants to be a vampire? ….I can never use crazy straws again. Worst. Day. Ever.

Wo~w, these skills don’t seem like cheats at all…

What kind of title is lost? Eery premonition? Check. Cursed to walk in a circle forever? Remains to be seen.”•1

For now, I guess I’m feeling doubt. Or… anxiety?

Facing the corner I decide to start by trying to understand my current situation.

First up, I need a name…. eventually.

Ok next, let’s see, what’s the most interesting problem? •2

As though I was using a smartphone, when I touched my race it made a ‘pikon’ sound and a new list appeared above it.

Vampire clan (true ancestor)

Vampire’s true ancestor

Able to draw a line between normal vampires, in some cases an individual able to overcome the vampire’s weaknesses may appear.

The first thought that comes to mind is, what does that mean? 

First of all, I’m a human. There are things I don’t know about my origin but my parents probably weren’t vampires. I mean even when I went out in the sun I didn’t turn to ashes.  

As I was thinking about that it occured to me, this is a cheat isn’t it? It’s been established that vampires have tons of weaknesses and completely fail as monsters but… being able to overcome the weaknesses is at the same level as heart under blade, it’s strange.

Feeling a cold sweat I moved my finger towards the skills. As expected an explanation appeared.




-True ancestor

Able to use Super recovery (HP/MP), Immortality, and transformation skills.


Able to see the area map within a thirty kilometer radius. Enemy creatures are marked with red, allies are shown in blue, and all others appear yellow. You are indicated on the map in green. Detailed settings are possible.

Shadow magic lvl1

Magic capable of manipulating shadows

*Available spells

Lvl1 Shadow sewing (shadow call)

-Itembox lvl1

A space-time storage, the number of items that can be put in is one hundred multiplied by the skill level. 

*Time does not progress inside. Living things cannot enter.*

Shadow King lvl1

Able to erase signs of one’s presence, including magic power, sounds, and smell. 

Capable of falsifying status.

-3X experience

You receive three times the experience points.


Drinking blood recovers HP/MP


You can add those whose blood you’ve sucked to your personal household. The race of those added to the household is changed to vampire. Up to 3 main skills can be shared.

Active Skills

-Creation lvl1

If you have the materials you can create anything. As the level increases, you can create more sophisticated items.

-Water Magic lvl1

Water manipulation magic.

*Available spells

Waterball lvl1 (water)


-Wind Magic lvl1

Wind manipulation magic.

*Available spells

Wind cutter (wind)

-Bestowal Magic lvl1

Depending on the skills level you can grant various traits

-Appraise lvl1

Able to see the nature of things and inspect the status.


Intimidate others, cause them to flinch.


-Shortsword lvl1

Makes it easier to use short blades

-Danger sense lvl1

Capable of perceiving danger ahead of time.

Warning bells go off inside your head the more danger there is.

-All attribute resistance lvl1

Your resistance is raised against all attributes.

-Confusion resistance lvl1

Less likely to get confused.



“What in the world should I do?”

I muttered without thinking as I stared at the skill group. Usually, a god would only give this kind of help to really amazing person that saves others right? Me, I have no reflexes, I’m smart but I have no great talent. It goes without saying that I’ve never saved another person either.

“Why don’t I check again for now.”

Realizing I couldn’t stop frantically thinking, I forced my own mind to shut down. Then, clear of distracting thoughts I turned my eyes back to the status once again.

Alright first is…. Super recovery I guess?

I pull up the explanation by tapping it with my finger again. 

According to the explanation…whoa, on top of being active indefinitely it seems even a limb can be replaced inside of a minute. This skill is amazing, true ancestor is seriously awesome.

Let’s see other than that ‘transformation’.

…….I can change into a bat.

Of course, I’m a vampire so only makes since it would be a bat right? Right? As I was having those ridiculous thoughts I began reading the explanation for ‘Immortality’. Ones body is strong and the bodies flesh does not grow older with time. Great, now I want to vomit.

Next up map, this seems incredibly useful.

Even if you’re talking to someone in town it’s convenient to know whether they are friend or foe. With the detailed setting function I was able to go ahead and set it to show living things above ten centimeters within a ten kilometer radius. Obviously I don’t want to go around reacting to every bug in the area.

Skipping ahead a little we have Itembox. This seems very convenient as well. It looks like it creates a distortion in time and space. It seems that thrusting my hand inside allows me to take out any item just by concentrating on it.


I do a quick search just incase and am shocked when far from something normal like pants, a shirt, or even a coat; there ends up being something dangerous inside. It seems to be a small bladed weapon like a dagger, and something else I don’t understand, a large dictionary like book. Well, for now I won’t withdrawal anything, I can confirm its uses later.

Next, Shadow King. This, is a nice skill. It is highly useful when trying to escape from the enemy. I only understand about fifty percent but, it seems I’m truelly in a parallel world. It’s normal to think that when facing monsters I won’t be able to win. This let’s me choose to run instead.

Moving on, magic. Shadow magic, water magic, wind magic, bestowal magic. I have four types. I want to try using magic but, I’ll wait until later. 

Next! The creation skill. Let’s see this is…… yep this is a production cheat. 

Honestly, with this in my back pocket, I could make a huge profit just selling potions in town. When I think about who I’ll become from here on out, it’s crossed my mind at least once. 

Last but not least, all attribute resistance.

The skill I’m most interested in is this. All attributes means, shouldn’t light be one of them?

Does this mean that even if I get hit by the sun I’ll be ok?

No in fact, it’s not like my body is weak so isn’t it fine? That’s got to be the case right? I’m sure it’s fine, unless it’s not. And in that case it looks like my destiny is to be a shut in. 

Later I’ll cut off a piece of my nail and test it but, for now I have no idea where the exit is. 

While having those thoughts, I move to the status’ final line. Something more shocking that even the skills is written there. 

“One blessed by the creation God.”

There is no denying it’s there, faced with this I gulped loudly and tapped the words. 

[TN:•1-So, this was the authors attempt at Japanese style comedy, tsukkomi. We don’t really talk or make jokes like that in English, it just comes of as bland emotionless statements so I tried to recreate what the author was trying to do to the best of my ability, I’m not a comedian T.T •2- he had a long rant about not being able to decide things and it being difficult and finally deciding to leave it alone and come back to it. I decided to just condense and skip cuz it was funnier to me. If anyone wants to know, …let me know? Sounds redundant…]


4 thoughts on “The Road to be the Strongest One Day: Chapter 1 Episode 2

        1. Actually, the author writes the first few Arcs as one chapter, then moves onto the second chapter as he finished different elements of the story. Novel updates does not support arcs so it’s shown as chapter 2. I think the author is going for a more of an actual book vibe instead of a webnovel vibe. But he has a few Arcs then breaks into what he calls chapter 2.


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