The Road to be the Strongest One Day Chapter 1 Episode 1


A dream.

The crimson hell fire burned brightly through the city, a small boy left sobbing in the ruins of a collapsed building. The variant floated up towards the sky, it seemed as though all the negative energy in the world had arranged itself into a single large mass. Numerous eyes covered it’s body, countless pupils focusing on the boy below.


‘Drip’ A water droplet landed on my cheek. Something was different, even as the feeling tried to sleep under my awareness my attention seemed to bring it to the surface all at once. I wanted to sleep longer but Instead I let out a groan as I pulled myself into a sitting position and rubbed my tired eyes.


I opened my eyes wide, this was impossible. There was no mistake, I’d woken up in a cave.

I should have been taking a nap at home and I think I would have noticed before now if I lived in a cave. 

“Seriously what the heck is going on?!”

I stood up, head in my hands, and took another look around. Yep. It’s a cave alright. Taking a look around the large open space, the floor and walls seemed to be covered in a glowing green moss. This was Japan right? Wait, could anywhere on Earth have such a fantastic site? A bad premonition began to flow through me.

“Wait, wait, wait. That’s impossible right? No, it’s all a lie. Right?”

As I said that both hands rose to hold my head, cold sweat running down the side of my face. I tried to ignore it as I began looking around trying to understand the situation. 

What was I doing before this? How did I get here? Thoughts spun around in my head. 

“More importantly, what is my name?”

I couldn’t remember.




It seems I’ve somehow calmed down quite suddenly but, in general other than things related to my name and how I got into my current predicament; most of my memories remain intact. 

A nineteen year old college student living in Japan. My hobbies include…..well honestly I can’t remember. However, I’m sure I was an avid reader. I’d started reading a trendy new light novel recently. What was the name? Are or something. Other than that my parents have already passed away, I have no girlfriend, and even those that would call themselves my friends number few and far between.

But today, those few friends decided to come and hang out at my apartment. But unfortunately after cleaning up a bit I ended up falling asleep like some manga character.

“Seriously what happened?”

I don’t understand, Thankfully my imagination was there to fill in the gaps. The two prominent possibilities being either I was dreaming or, I’d been abducted. But if I was dreaming it was a very good one, as though it was making use of VR technology. But more likely I was abducted. Did someone have a grudge against me? I don’t think anyone seriously held a grudge against me.

“Then, like Are? A transition to another world, could that really happen?”

Okay, let’s try making use of information we already know. Recently, there has been an influx of new products centered around the topic of ‘Transitioning to different worlds’. Not limited to just light novels, you can usually guess the main premise the main character takes a nap and voila.

No, I was being stupid, having such extreme outlandish thoughta made me want to laugh. But then again, I waved my hand through the air flirting with the possibility of being in another world. There was some word you were supposed to say to find out wasn’t there?

“Right~ right! If it is another world saying something like ‘status’ should display my name and the like right?”

Status is more or less a word describing something where you’re abilities are expressed in a numerical value. A smile played on my lips as I said the word, but when the word had taken form my body stiffened and my eyes went wide.

“Im.. impossible. There’s no way this can be true. This has to be a dream.”

Because before my eyes, a status like window had appeared. 


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