The Road to be the Strongest One Day: Chapter1 Episode 5


An unconditional cheat reincarnation.

Now that it’s been said, I can’t deny having questionable feelings towards such a thing. 

Something like giving your life to save someone else. I think the gods would feel pity and say something like: ” I pity so, I’m going to send you to another world, before you go take these cheats.” Even in this case though, the cheats wouldn’t be unconditional, for instance you couldn’t abuse or openly declare you had cheats. ‘Aren’t the gods being too carefree about this?’ if I was asked this………. I would definitely lie. But the fact of the matter was soon revealed by that Divine treasure.

“…..Well, that’s certainly true but…”

Yeah, of course it is. I couldn’t present one complaint or excuse. What she just said was correct, there is nothing I can do. However.

“At least overlook me~!!!” I cried.

At any rate, what I’m trying to say is, my bodies physical strength is basically the same as an elementary schooler. Sure, I’m smart but it’s not like there is anything else I can brag about. I’m a normal person who’s never even been in a fist fight. 

“Give it up, this is customary.”


Isn’t it like this world is on hard mode? Wouldn’t it have been better to just send me here normally? There’s no need to come up with trials and conditions, I don’t think there’s anyone that particularly wishes for that sort of thing. 

Despite the protests in my heart the girl in the book began talking in a voice that made it seem as though a dry smile had spilled out onto her face.

“Looking back over billions of years, excluding those involved in brave summonings, those that have survived this trial in this place where the gods cannot interfere seems to be, just one person. Having taken that into account, this time you’ve been given me as a guide, been turned into a more appropriate race, and transitioned to a new world……. Not that I got to choose anything for you master.”

Am I lucky or unlucky?

Honestly, in regards to the current situation it could be either, but it’s more preferable than having nothing I guess. I tried not thinking about it, but it’s definitely the latter isn’t it? I was really unlucky when I died. Realizing that I let out a large sigh as the girl began speaking again. 

“Welp, that’s how it is. For more details you’ll have to clear this trial and ask the gods yourself in person. However, you’ve become a vampire, you’ve gained skills, honestly you should be able to conquer this labri…… cave in around 50 minutー”

“Did you just almost say labyrinth?”

Those words seemed to shake her but, she coughed as though to try and deceive me and called out again. 

“Master, would you like to form a contract with me?”



ーA contract.

That seems to be pretty straight forward. I’ll become the reasoning books owner. When I appraised her I saw it there, the owner column. What would happen if my name was to be written there was pretty clear, I’d be able to draw out the divine artifacts power. The power of the reasoning book. 

“I have the power to provide near perfect assistance, and fortunately for my unfortunate master you are a vampire who as a race generally have pretty good fighting abilities. However, there are also some pretty big disadvantages to being a vampire. Such as, vampires are near extinction, you die if you go out under the sun, depending on the place you’ll be subjected to persecution, and if you don’t drink enough blood…… you die.”

Honestly, it’s starting to seem like every so many demerits come with a free cheat ability. As I was thinking that, the girl spoke up once again.

“Honestly speaking, in my current state there is a limit to how useful I’ll be….. and I’m not at all useful in a fight. But taking the trial should get safer.”

“I guess it would be better to go ahead and do the contract.” I whispered as I brought my hand to my chin to think. It’s hard to find a reason to turn her down.

I can’t agree with the current situation but I can understand it. Without knowing why, I was helped. I was on the verge of death so my body was transformed into a vampire and as a vampire, I cannot go back to Japan. That seems to be the typical flow of events involving being sent to different worlds. 

But the benefits were too great, given help and power. And if you’re sent to a new world with that and decide to abuse the power it’s too late.

But can I really make use of this opportunity to fix my life? Can I live in this new world without becoming evil? As it is now I’m just waiting around to take a trial and this girl was forced into the supporter role.

“……..Uhm, my condolences.”

“Huh? Yeah….”

Even though I said it, it occurs to me that usually isn’t what the dead guy says. Thinking this I begin to run through the conclusions I’ve made. 

“It seems like I can only benefit from forming a contract with you so, let’s do it.”

“Well…. One you make the contract I can see what’s in masters mind.”

Hearing those words my face tensed, but I don’t think I usually have incriminating thoughts so, it should be fine right? 

Yeah, it’s fine. As I gave her my answer I swept my gaze over her once again. For no particular reason she seemed to be conveying a bitter smile  

“An instant reply…. Should I say ‘as expected’ or call you abnormal? Anyway, for now let’s go ahead with the contract. To be honest I don’t know if I’m comfortable with this.”

……what? Is there something dangerous about this?

I cast my gaze around, but like before it was only me here. I let out a relieved sigh as she spoke up again.

“Now, on to the naming ceremony!”

“……naming ceremony?”

I repeated the words unintentionally. I mean I understand easily enough what she called it but-

With a bewildered look on my face I listen as she begins to explain as though trying to call forward my inner desires.

“The name is very important, we will make a contract by giving each other names that we will continue to use from this point on.”

Ahh, she’s suddenly saying such fantasy like things.

I mean if you think about it, this is a different world so things like magic power, the occult, and magic spells, none of it’s really outlandish here is it. 

“Well, if I think about it I guess I don’t have a name yet anyway so.”

I mean first off, it’s impossible for me to think of a name for myself that fits with this new world. I mean I really don’t even have a shred of naming sense. But, if I say that she will definitely refuse the contract. Convinced of this I remained silent for now.

Nevertheless……it felt like she was staring at me.

“I’ll go ahead and say it, this is the name I will use for the rest of my life, so if you give me a stupid name I won’t accept it.”

“Ha-ha-ha, I have no idea what this book is saying……..I’ll do my best…”

I give a dry smile in response to her words.



And so, we made a contract.

The contract in and of itself was pretty simple. Nothing special happened but our names changed. Although I can remember my previous name anyway.

“Really anything is fine but, nothing that will stand out please.” I inclined my head in thought as I received my name.

Thus, I became ‘Gin Crashbell’ and she received the name ‘kyoka’.

Having received our new names, from here on out we shall move forward together.


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