The Whole Tribe Wants To Have Baby With Me

Raw Title: [全部落都想和我生孩纸]

Author: Zhu Ning [祝宁]

Total Chapters: 44 [complete]

Translator: Xah Xiaoran


It’s a world of men.

It’s a mystical tribe.

Liang Yue crossed over as the son of the chieftain.

The whole tribe is concerned about Liang Yue’s marriage.

Every race in the whole tribe want to have baby with Liang Yue~

Content Label: BL | Mpreg | Rebirth | Marriage and Love | 1V1 | half-human half-beast Shou | Beautiful Gong

NOTE: This is a world of MEN.

Table Of Contents:

  1. Pick A Favorite To Get Married
  2. Fiery Courtship
  3. You Are Probably On the 200th
  4. The First Date Ah Bao
  5. The Second Date Tai Chen
  6. Shave Shave Shave
  7. The Third Date Ah Jian
  8. Bother Bother Bother
  9. Tie Tie Tie
  10. Astronomical Observatory
  11. I’m Very Useful

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