YLTKH ch 33 – Resisting with a smiling face


     After I have confirmed that the completed work has been sent, I immediately lost my strength and collapsed on the desk. 

     It was tough! It was super tough!

     What is this Death March[1]! I don’t even want to see this program for a while! 

     Haa, I exhaled a deep sigh.  

     In the last three days, I didn’t even take a bath. I am definitely, smelly. Without a doubt. Since this happened, I would like to be thankful that there is no one in this room. 

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     I want to take a bath. And then, I want to sleep! If it was possible, on a futon! !

     Since coming here, as I couldn’t afford to sleep properly, I actually didn’t even see the futon.  

     No, of course, the people in the mansion came to lay the futon, but I broke off that idea since there was almost no time to sleep, and murderous intent might gush out because of the presence of the futon.  

     A slight digression but Mary-san came begging me in tears on the second night that I arrived here. 

     “I implore of you, please sleep. The chairman will be worried. Or rather, if he finds out, we’ll be killed.” 

     Fufufu, how weak for just the second day of work! ! 

     If you do S E[1]at that company, this is below normal! ! ! !

     Rather, the real fight is from now on! ! !

     Was what I did not say but instead I conveyed politely, “That will not be possible because I have no time to sleep. Also, it is not necessary at all for Kazama-san to be worried about my work.”   

     “Is it alright for us to be killed! ?” was what Mary-san said in tears. But, Mary-san, you inspired Kazama-san to do something strange, so I don’t trust your tears. 

     In the end, Kawada-san and his four-person group were rounded up and put in front of me. 

     I had a lot of things to talk about but it was not the right time so for the time being, I left it aside and did my work. 

     Kawada-san and the others were powerless as the role of persuading me, and were scolded heavily by Mary-san. 

    Mary-san’s appearance at that time, was really that of a Yakuza’s. It is a secret that even though I was working, a ‘Dong’ secretly resounded in me. 

    Mary-san, is not simply a playful fella {onii-san}. Of course, that is so…….

     Sorry, Kawada-san and the others. 

     But, I wonder if they can stop muttering, “Nee-chan, she’s a corporate slave that’s why…”. 

     Isn’t it natural that a member of society takes responsibility for his or her job?

     Well, there were various things that happened, but for the time being such a difficult time has passed!

 The email from the devil that came earlier said that it is okay to rest tomorrow and the day after tomorrow for the weekend, and go to work from the beginning of next week. 

     In other words, I’m free these two days! ! !


     “Mary-san, I ’m very sorry to trouble you, but can I borrow the bathroom for a shower?”

     “I’m Kisugi. ――Did you finish your work? That’s good! Really good! Taking a bath right, I’ll prepare it immediately.”

     Mary-san stood up straightaway with a relieved feeling.

     This person seemed to be busy forever.

     Fumbling with his computer in the hallway or giving instructions with his phone.

     Although he was considerate and tried to keep any sounds from coming out. 

     Since he looks like a high-ranking person, wasn’t he quite busy? What a pity, that he was made my babysitter……

     “No, I’m fine to just take a shower. It’s still 10 o’clock in the morning and isn’t it a waste to heat up the bathwater? Mary-san”

     “I’m Kisugi. ――No, don’t worry, I’ll prepare it immediately. ――Will it be okay to lay out the futon as well?  

     “Ah, if I could just borrow the Futon, I can lay it out by myself, Mary-san.”

     “I’m Kisugi. ――No, don’t worry. What would you like for your meal?”  

    “Ahh……I’m fine for the time being. For a start, I’ll sleep, Mary-san.” 

     “I’m Kisugi. ――Then, when you wake up, I’ll prepare the meal.”

     I was grinning and laughing as I talked. Getting worked up at each other should now come to an end.  

     Mary-san, isn’t it okay for you to be Mary-san already. 

     Because that email was super scary! !

     I’d like you to take responsibility and continue being Mary-san. 

     ――It’s not harassment, you know?

Alliephant’s corner:

[1]For all those didn’t know what Death march is (including me) haha, in project management,a death march is a project that the participants feel is destined to fail, or that requires a stretch of unsustainable overwork

[1]Written ‘S E’ in the raws, meaning System Engineer, thanks to the comments by some readers

LOL @ their interaction. Where is kazama-san thooo


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  1. SE is 略語 . for Software Engineer. I would however translate it as Developer or Programmer as that is the intended nuance (you could consider the way Japan uses it to be 和製英語)


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