YLTKH ch 34 – a complete change in an instant


 A voice sounding like an old man came out.

 I was the only one person in a spacious Japanese cypress wood bathtub whereby one was able to extend their legs.

 What a luxury!

 However, since I came here, I have never seen Kazama-san’s face.

 Apparently, there has been quite a bit of trouble with the matter of them charging into the hostile organisation’s island. 


 …… I felt a little guilty, maybe. No, but you see, I was completely not at fault.

 One thing or another, I was in a crazy situation, but it was a little strange that I continued working as usual. 

 When I got out of the bath, I wore a T-shirt and shorts, and dried my hair. 

 Before I knew it, a few clothes and valuables such as wallet were retrieved from my apartment in Kochi.

 It was very helpful.

 I think T-shirts and shorts for girls in their late twenties are a kind of pollution, but please forgive me. This is my pyjamas, be it in summer or winter.

 By the way, in the room that was assigned to me, the rice cooker-sama that had gone through death, had been left there quietly as it was, on the Tokonoma[1].

 Who brought it. And who decorated it there……

 Even in the daytime, as I quickly go down the chilling corridor and return to the room I was assigned to, the futon will be laid out. 

 Aa, futon-chan! I wanted to meet you! !

 As I immediately enter, my feet felt warm. Apparently, a hot water bottle was fitted inside. 

 The consideration of everyone in the Kuromizuchi group could be felt deeply in one’s heart. 

 I immediately fell asleep while feeling the gentleness of the mansion.

 … Mm, it’s kinda chilly …

 In a fuzzy world, cold air entered for a moment and I contracted my body.

 What was it, I wondered, did I kick away the futon.

 With my eyes remaining closed, I reached for the futon.

 Eh? somehow, it’s quite hard to reach. Mmm~, but I don’t want to open my eyes ……

 Just when I fell into a dilemma, the warmth came back softly.

 Eh? I don’t seem to be pulling anything in particular right now?

 The futon returned automatically …?

 Oh, it ’s warmer than before, so oh well. 

 But, this warmth seems moister than the futon ……

 Also, it smells nice.

 Feels peaceful ……

 I feel like I can have a good dream ……ghhh…..


 ――When I woke up, I felt rooted at the spot.  

 Eh, what’s going on?

 My body can’t move at all. 

 Moreover, in front of me is darkness. I wonder, is something pressed against my face?

 In other words, such as a yakuza’s spirit bounded to this place……?

 Even though I panicked for a moment, I thought to overcome this with a feat of strength as I moved my body with all my force.

 Ah, I moved.

 Apparently, it seems that I was just restrained by something.

 Hmm? Restrained …?

 I had a bad hunch and bent my head back with all my strength, and looked at the object that restrained me … Yes, there was Kazama-san.

 Wait, Kazama-san, top-half naked! ! ! ……Eh? It is only the upper body right …? 

 I’m so scared that I can’t look down. On the occasion, by the way, my legs coming into contact with another pair of legs feels super bare…

 I want to believe that what’s on top of my shorts, are Mr. Kazama’s shorts, and even if that’s not possible, something like trunks!

 ――Still, he’s a person who sleeps with a grim face huh …

 A distinct crease between his eyebrows. Even though his expression carrying a faint smile is also scary, but the face without a trace of smile is also really intense.

 He is probably still in his thirties or so, so why is he putting on such a crusty face, I wonder. 

 When I stroked the area between Kazama-san’s eyebrows with my fingertips, the crease loosened.

 Somehow, I felt a little relieved about that.

 His short hair was light brown. There were traces of skin bulging at his temple. This is probably an old scar, right.

 For the scars to have remained so firmly thus far, I think it must have been a very bad injury. 

 When I thought that Kazama-san, who had a face and intensity like a natural yakuza from birth, could also have experienced various painful and difficult experiences, I felt somewhat closer to him.

 Well, yes, everyone is a beginner at first.

 But, whether there’s such a thing as a beginner or an expert for Yakuzas, is a huge question though. 

 Kazama-san as a beginner yakuza, what was he like, I wonder? Bald like Kawada-san――ahem ahem, if he was a skin-head like Motoi, that’d be so funny.

 As I was grinning and thinking about that, Kazama-san’s eyelids twitched.

 The next moment, he opened his eyes and as he recognized me, he smiled softly.

 I was astonished at such a gentle face.

 This yakuza! Extreme yakuza-like man! To make such a face is a foul isn’t it!

“… It’s Nanao huh”

 The voice sounded somewhat delightful and my face somehow became hot.

 Not good, not good, wake up, Nanao Shindou.

“… So far as it goes, yes it’s Nanao.”

“Here you are”

“Whether I like it or not, here I am”

 As I replied with a twisted answer, the man laughed softly. 

 It was a gentle, warm water-like time.

 Escaping to Kochi, getting caught and brought back.

 It was a gentle atmosphere like those things never happened. 

 ――And the me who’d thought about such a thing and let my guard down was stupid.  

 The next moment, the man’s eyes shone.

“――Sooo, punishment time, yeah”

 A ferocious and delightful voice that shook one’s eardrum.


 At the moment when a chill went down my spine, my field of vision turned.

 My face was turned up and in front of me was the man with a dangerous smile on his face.

 My survival instinct issued a warning when his canine teeth were exposed.

“Ain’t discipline necessary for an unmanageable woman [2]who ran away without permission?”

 ――Jo, is that a joke …?

[1]an alcove in a traditional Japanese room where art or flowers is usually displayed.

[2]Also, a jya jya uma = restive horse


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