YLTKH side story 2 – Mary-san saw!

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 “Kisugi, this is what I’m looking for” [Kazama]

 “Yes” [Kisugi]

  Even if the anger is vented on me, the orders from above are absolute. Moreover, I don’t even want to think of going against the chairman who is in such an irritable mood.  

 “In XX town, there is our stand-by place right. Find the woman who lived in the room next to it. Her name is Shindou Nanao. She has most probably concealed her whereabouts from last night.” [Kazama]

  When it comes to the stand-by place in xx town, it’s the place where Kawada and the others are crammed together in right. 

  The four-person group, led by Kawada, is a seemingly insignificant bunch at first glance, and well, in fact, although they don’t show any dignity or charisma belonging to a yakuza – but they are still fairly useful in some ways.


  In the group, each of them has their own areas of expertise, and they seem to cooperate well together.

  In the first place, if the person is living next door, I’d feel like it’d be good to let them investigate.

  Those are the guys who can at least do it right away.

 “The name and face are both identified so I feel like I ’ll find the person soon, but is there any special situation?” [Kisugi]

  As soon as I said so, the kick came flying once again.

  I immediately put strength at my abdomen to take the blow. A muffled sound resonated.

  Probably because he did not lose his stance, the chairman cluck his tongue.

  “Oota, that idiot, let her get away. Really, that pig, is useless.” [Kazama]

  –In other words, the bloodstains in the office are Oota’s?

  Oota is a greasy old man in his 50s who is more or less in a senior position. He is a man who pursues only his own interests and has sloppy work.

  Originally, he is a man who was left in that position because of the forceful pushing from the headquarters. Most probably, he was perfunctorily handled with according to the chairman’s orders.

  Ultimately, he touched the dragon’s scales and incurred his wrath. 

  Although it was what he deserved, but because of him, I had to have the leader’s anger vented on me. How frustrating.


  There is one thing I have to ask before I start looking into things.

 “That woman, under what circumstances are you chasing her?” [Kisugi]

  Will it be good if I killed her and dragged her corpse along, or will it be better if I pulled her along in her half-dead state? Or else?  

 “She is mine” [Kazama]

 “…Huh?” [Kisugi]

  I involuntarily made an idiotic sound. 

 “To retrieve what is mine, I don’t need a reason, do I.” [Kazama] 

  ――In other words, that is the woman the chairman has taken a liking to?

  This chairman? 

  This chairman who is indifferent to anything! ! ?

  This chairman, who has no interest in money, women, status or power, and although he is the winner who has gotten them all in his hands but still constantly looking un-interested!!??

  I couldn’t answer any longer, but honestly, I couldn’t believe it.

  However, the glimmering light that has surfaced in the chairman’s eyes confirmed it.

  After seeing it seriously, I sighed a little.

  –My condolences.

  I couldn’t help but have pity for Nanao who I have never even met.

  I don’t know what her intent was concealing her whereabouts, but leaving the chairman with this kind of expression, I wouldn’t think she could run away as it is. 

 “I understand. I will find her as soon as possible. …I would like to ask a question if you don’t mind me asking.” [Kisugi]

  Towards this, the chairman jerked his chin to urge me to go ahead. 

 “What is your plan after you have found her?” [Kisugi]

 “Well, she is mine. It’ll be no good if she doesn’t return home properly”. [Kazama]

  To the chairman who smiled lightly, I had a chill down my spine. 

 “…And by the way, how exactly?” [Kisugi]

 “Let’s seeee” [Kazama]

  As he said that, the corner of his mouth slanted up. 

 “Nanao, that girl, has gotten along well with Kawada and the others. Wouldn’t she want to come home if I send those guys in order.” [Kazama]

  Sending Kawada and the others in order…? 

 “If I’m sending, as expected, I should start with the little fingers. After sending Kawada’s, shall I send Sengawa’s, Ito’s, and Hosoi’s next? After sending each part out, and sending all the 40 parts, next would be the ears. And after that, it’ll be the noses. Sending till around this much, wouldn’t Nanao come back?” [Kazama]

  A thump resounded in me.

 –No, that would even be a horrifying experience to a yakuza.

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omg scary kazama-san lololol


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10 thoughts on “YLTKH side story 2 – Mary-san saw!

      1. yeah, a over possesive guy are scary, they can even try to lock you up in his room or basemen until or even you gave up, boy, that was scary


  1. Holy crap. Yeah, it’s a good thing she just decided to come along (for some definition of coming along). He isn’t just a male yandere. He is epitome of it.


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