YTLKH side story 3 – Mary-san saw!

  I unconsciously put on a distant look to the chairman’s plan for a horror movie. 

  I can bet with you.

  If you do that, Nanao will run for her life desperately. 

  I mean, such a horror situation, I can only imagine that the chairman’s likability will only be lowered wouldn’t it…


  Nanao escapes


  40 fingers, 8 ears, 4 noses are sent to the escape destination


  Nanao escapes with all her strength


  Eventually, she gets captured.


  When brought back, the group of 4 with no fingers, ears and nose is over there.

  ……Horror. It ’s really horror.

  In this situation, if there is a woman who can still favour the chairman who is the main culprit for all this, she must no longer be human.

  No, if you are a genuine sadist, a grotesque lover, or a splatter lover, on the other hand, maybe your heart will skip a beat and go ‘kyun’? 

  Yeah, perhaps the chairman made the plan after taking into account Nanao’s hobbies and preferences.

 “I would like to make an enquiry just to be sure… that lady, what kind of person is she?” 

 “Oh? How does that have anything to do with you” 

  He feels threatened.

  Oh man, I’m being misunderstood. 

 “I have not the slightest bit of personal interest in her!!!! Just in case, I thought I would like to know her hobbies and preferences to help with analysing her escape route”.  

  Oh, I said good things, me! 

  The chairman looked at me with a suspicious look in his eyes. But finally, opened his mouth reluctantly. 



I was taken aback, unintentionally.  

 “She’s cute, her thinking is fast but have gaps in it, and she was so gutsy that she tried to protect that idiotic group of four from me”.  

  The chairman is speaking fondly of someone!

  Is it the end of this world or a harbinger of a cataclysm?


  Regardless of how seriously you can take what the chairman is saying, if she really tried to protect the group of four from the chairman, that woman, isn’t she quite faithful and sentimental? 

  For the chairman to be trying to send the four persons’ fingers, ears, and noses to such a person, instead, he’s also quite amazing. 

  But you can bet.

  On the day that he did such a thing, only the future of a ‘bad end’ will come. 

  Moreover, the chairman will be devastated, and he will definitely give us a ‘good’ time. 

  Thinking about the future to come, I had a chill down my spine.

  Even on ordinary days, the chairman was decadent, and if such a chairman was to break down, it will not end at just a bloodbath.     

  For the world, for the people, for the Kuromizuchi Association, and for Kawada and the others and their fingers, ears and nose.

  I readied my stomach and started my persuasion. 

 “Chairman. … Uh, that. The so-called typical woman is usually attracted to the slightly weaker quality of a strong man.  – Y, yeah. That way, ultimately, you will not be separated from her but also not restricting her by force. After I’ve listened to what you have said, instead of sending Kawada and the others (after chopping them into pieces) over, I think it’s more effective to persuade her by tears.”

 “……What are you saying?”

  The chairman had a suspicious look.  

  For a moment, I was almost intimidated. Calm down, me. 

  Look and see what happens if the leader sends the pieces of Kawada and the others over at this time. 

  Eventually, the woman runs away, and the chairman is devastated.

  For the calm future of the Kuromizuchi Association; this is a critical moment. 

 “No, this is true. There is no doubt! If you pick her up before you send the finger, saying that you can’t do without her while dropping a tear. It’s a sure-kill!”  

 “……I don’t say weird things” 

 “I’m 200% confident! How many women do you think I’ve picked up so far!!” 

  The chairman looked at me with full of misgivings, but I finished my sentence resolutely. 

  Please believe me, chairman! !

  After that, I exhausted all my words to persuade him, and finally, the chairman agreed reluctantly.

  Without letting the chairman know, I exhaled a deep – a truly deep breath.

  To the Nanao-san who is somewhere. 

  I’ve really did it for you!!

alliephant’s corner:

hahaha now we know how the idea of crying came about. Mary-san’s good idea. But compared to Kazama-san’s idea of sending over fingers… 


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6 thoughts on “YTLKH side story 3 – Mary-san saw!

  1. So happy you picked this novel up!
    He really did a good job to persuade the leader to fetch nanao san instead of the bloody way hahaha


  2. Mary-san desperate plea eventually worked *shed tears in silence*
    Good job Mary-san, good job.
    I’m sure that Kawada and the others, the world and Kuromizuchi group, are all thankful to you!
    Thanks for the chapter!!! (^0^)


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