Three Marriages

三嫁惹君心 Three Marriages (3M)

Summary (From NU):
This is the love story of the 2nd brother of the Long Family. He is one of the most successful businessman in the capital and one of the Emperor’s favourites – he is the most eligible bachelor in the capital and every lady in town wants to marry him.

The story starts with the female lead, Ju Mu Er, a blind teacher of guzheng, who goes to pay a visit to Long Er to ask him to build an awning on his popular business street so her friend, a flower seller, will not get wet and fall sick. Long Er laughs at her (because he loves money and is calculative) and she makes a bet with him that she can allow him to escape from a pesky female suitor without making it obvious.

She successfully wins the bet and from then on, Long Er constantly makes her life a trouble (since she costs him so much money)…. not realizing he is slowly falling for her.


Please Read The Long Paragraph Below:
Akiha: Hi, I’m the translator that went hiatus right after joining Foxaholic (For those in Discord, it’s Solace here~)

As I’ve yet to decide on which project abandoned by other TL groups to pick on, I will make 1 teaser chapter out of the ones in my list and will decide based on the comments that upvote the novel

Since by the time I update this it’s going to be the mid of Sept, the total votes will be calculated by mid of Oct so that I can officially begin in at the beginning of Nov~

The confirmed NEW projects of mine will be YCY/LitC/TCotSM and JYXS/TJXSN (will put up the TOC)

Of the two, 3M is not confirmed~

And so, enjoy the teaser chapters~


Chapter 12
Chapter 13 Part 1 | Part 2

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