Time – Ch9.1

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Chapter 9 – I only Forced Myself to be a Gentleman (Part 1)

On the first night after Jiang An Lan’s departure, Yao Yuan who had not been attached to aunt Chiung Yao[1] persona started to have some “thoughts” of him. Suddenly, Brother Jiang sent a message saying, “Let’s play games together.”

[1] Chiung Yao (1938-), Taiwanese writer

Her novels have been praised for the prose, the poetry which was part of her earlier works, and the literary allusions of their titles.[4] They are often described as “morbid”, as many of them feature socially questionable romantic relationships (e.g. between teacher and student, brother-in-law and sister-in-law).[4] Her romance novels and their film adaptations have been criticized for their melodramatic plotlines[6][7] and long-winded dialogues.[8] Chiung Yao’s readership and viewership are predominantly female, owing to her emphasis on the feelings of young women.[9]


Well, the Beautiful Yao, who had no better idea of entertainment to kill time, could only do as she was told.

After she went online, she directly teleported to the husband’s side using the Husband and Wife Skill. Jun Lin Tian Xia‘s character was present, but it only stood there and did not move for a long time.

Ruo Wei Jun Gu: “Are you with me?”

Waiting for a while, Yao Yuan still did not get any response. Feeling more daring after being stood up for some time, she wanted to show her stance in which she stated: “Dear husband, come out.”

After a minute, Jun Lin Tian Xia: “My dad is sitting in front of the computer.”

Ruo Wei Jun Gu: “…”

Great God ah, his every strike is a guaranteed SecKill!

“My dad is sitting in front of the computer” kept swirling in Yao Yuan’s mind before she subconsciously asked another sentence: “Your dad also plays online games?”

Jun Lin Tian Xia: “…”

Jun Lin Tian Xia: “He came to the study to talk to me about something.”

And yet once again, out of embarrassment, Yao Yuan covered her face. Standing up, she walked around the study for a while then came back to type gloomily: “Why didn’t you give me a heads up?”

“Never mind.” Jun Lin Tian Xia replied, “My dad just said that you are very cheerful and lively.”

Yao Yuan finally admitted that she was defeated.

Jun Lin Tian Xia: “YY chat ok? Typing is not enough.”

Great God, you are quite awesome.

The two just got on YY, but the World Channel was turned aproar by a single statement.

Mei Ren Yi Jiu: “No matter what, I have to tell the truth today. Jun Lin Tian Xia is capricious! Jun Lin Tian Xia, you once forced me to be your girlfriend. And now? In the end you swallow your own words!”

[World] Tian Tian: “Wow, is it true?! Tian Xia forced others to be his girlfriend?”

[World] Zuòguǐ Yě fēngliú: “I don’t feel like I will love again.”

[World] Měilì Rénshēng: “How could it be true? Mei Ren Yi Jiu, you are talking rubbish in the world channel, your bodyguard Ye Zui Shuai, does he know?”

[World] Hua Kai: “Retard requires not explanation.”

[World] Zou Na Shi Na: “Very angry! Our Boss did that? Are you kidding, elder sister?!”

[World] Xiāng Cǎo Bīng Qílín: “Support Mei Ren Yi Jiu!”

In the face of right and wrong, it was said that the crucial factor since the opening of Shèngshì naturally was “the most cute point”.

[World] Jun Lin Tian Xia: “Forcing people to be my girlfriend, I only did it towards Ruo Wei Jun Gu.”

[World]: “……”

Yao Yuan: “…”

Alliance Sect Channel:

Shui Shang Xian: ” Doesn’t that woman looks like she got too much free time ah!  It’s unlikely you help Guild Leader, don’t you? “

Ao Shi Chang Qiong: “How is it possible? Before the Guild Leader bought “Jun Lin Tian Xia“, it’s previous owner had sorted out all of his business.”

Wen Ru Yu: “How come even when Young Master Jiang hasn’t played much yet there still are “Méi Mù Rú Huà” and “Luò Xiá Mǎn Tiān” who keep giving him flirtatious glances. Whom I found most hateful was “Méi Mù Rú Huà” who has stopped playing now. She was arrogant, willful, domineering, and harassed sister-in-law. In which sister-in-law kicked her for more than 100 streets ^_^”

Luo Shui : “According to Chang Qiong, Ru Yu, you hate Méi Mù Rú Huà because she owes you a hundred game gold coins, isn’t it?”

Wen Ru Yu: “Am I such a person who fuss over minor matters so much?”

A group of people simultaneously without the slightest hesitation voiced out “yes” even Elders Wen said: “Thank you for complimenting ^_^”

Yao Yuan could not help muttering to herself: “In fact, Guild Leader should do some introspection, why is he attracting bees and butterflies…”

Beauty Yao forgot for a moment that she was in YY with a certain someone.

Jiang An Lan nonchalantly said: “Therefore you should have given me status earlier.”

Cough, cough!” Yao Yuan stopped coughing and said, “Aren’t we married now ?”

Jiang An Lan continued with a smile: “The competition in reality is more fierce than in online games. So Madam, you have to up your game.”

To become this kind of tsundere person, it is really rare, right?

Yao Yuan: “Well, you are popular, but I am not bad myself… From childhood to adulthood, nevertheless there have been some suitors that can be counted with one hand.

Jiang An Lan: “Really?”

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