Time – Ch9.2

Translated by me123chan on foxaholic.blog.

Proof read by ChocolateMorn.

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Chapter 9 – I only Forced Myself to be a Gentleman (Part 2)

At the time being on the Alliance Channel:

Shui Shang Xian: “To be honest, Wen Ru Yu, a man like you who is an opportunistic and good at speculation, would even give gold coins to someone else? Had you been so fond of the little girl that you accidentally were put in the hole for a while? “

Wen Ru Yu: “Oh, I don’t think you’ll like her.”

Shui Shang Xian: “Wen Ru Yu, you are shameless!”

Wen Ru Yu: “I’m praising you, ok?”

Shui Shang Xian: “Who wants to hear your gibber! Get lost!

Luo Shui: “Tut, loving and killing each other all day long, you two share such a harmonious feeling ah!”

Wen Ru Yu: “Who has feelings toward her?”

Shui Shang Xian: “Who has feelings toward him?”

Ao Shi Chang Qiong: “I’m just taking advantage of your tacit agreement, there’s no emotion, there’s simply adultery  ╮(╯▽╰)╭”

Hua Kai: “Pfff, I agree.”

Bao Bei Guai: “Why are leader and sister-in-law being so quiet ah? Are they nurturing conjugal love in private again?”

Jiang An Lan said, “There’s such a thing?” and went to the Alliance Channel to answer in  words. Jun Lin Tian Xia: “After finishing the task tonight, let your sister-in-law sing for you, ok?”


Great God, indeed you also cannot tolerate any grievances. When having enmity, you will get it back on the spot ah!

Consequently, after hearing what Clan Leader said, everyone’s enthusiasm to complete the task at hand could be called “soaring”. They finished all the work within an hour, and then went to open the room happily. Yao Yuan was naturally dragged in.

“We all want to listen to Clan Leader’s wife’s singing, which is promised by the Clan Leader himself!”

“He promised, let him sing!” Yao Yuan had had the urge to rebutand in the end she voiced it. In all honesty, it was mainly because she really could not sing. Even previously at the get-together in KTV she also did not sing.

“Did you hear that? Young Master Jiang, your wife asked you to sing, or would you like to sing a song first? En, en?” The person who said it was shaking M Li Ao [1].

[1] M stand for Masochism as in “the one who so fond of beating, he shaking because he’s giddy, that sister in law want master Jiang to sing”

That’s what TL thinks

Wen Cheng said with a smile, “Yes, ah! An Lan, I haven’t heard you sing for a long time. In college, you often hum a few words in your bedroom: ‘I dream of you in silence for life’,Dear, don’t pick wild flowers on the sideroad’.”

After several seconds of a pregnant silence in YY, Yao Yuan commented, “I’m sorry, ha ha ha ha, he sang ‘don’t pick wild flowers on the roadside‘?”

“Absolutely true, even I recorded it! Sister-in-law, interested?”

Many people shouting their assent, yet Jiang An Lan light voice said: “Contrary to expectation, even your courage is very big.”

Silence once again fell upon the YY channel, even  Elder Wen also kept mum. However, nevertheless someone finally opened her mouth boldly.

Yao Xinran said, “Clan Leader Jun Lin, you said before that if we do a good job, you’ll let my younger sister sing. Now my younger sister wants you to do the deed. When all is said and done, is it my younger sister or you who’ll sing ah? The lovebirds are the most annoying.”

Yao Yuan had a feeling of being set on fire in the backyard, and then heard Jiang An Lan said, “Then you ask your younger sister, does she wish to sing or wish me to sing for her?”

Despite having a bad premonition Yao Yuan’s hands were tied. Meanwhile, the general opinion of the audience was that it was best if Madam and Clan Leader can sing a duet. That way, it would accomplish the most satisfying conclusion. 

Beauty Yao finally confessed with a bitter face, “I can’t sing, just let him sing, ok?” Then Yao Yuan saw a line popped up in the private chat, “Madam demand me to show off skills, how are you gonna reward me?”

With having nowhere to escape, Yao Yuan typed in an unhurried manner, “What do you want?”


“I said … Can’t you be more tactful? ” Beauty Yao blushed and her heartbeat accelerated.

“In that case, Madam, from now on, except for me, you should not pick wild flowers on the roadside.”

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