TOC – She Wants to Divorce Me


Ji Yaoguang woke up and returned to the day she divorced her wife Chang Yu three years ago.

This time, she decided that she would not sign a divorce agreement.

Entertainment Reporter: Ms. Ji, I heard you and Chang Yu divorced? Is this true?

Ms. Ji angryly seized the microphone: Even if the earth is destroyed, I will not divorce.

Entertainment Reporter XX: What does Miss Chang have to say about Ms. Ji’s confession?

Miss Chang: I saw it with my eyes.

Everyone: Aye, I haven’t seen!


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Lawyer Zhao, please.

Chapter 2: I don’t want to divorce.

Chapter 3: You have to take care of yourself.

Chapter 4: Look at you.

Chapter 5: I don’t have anything, except for money.

Chapter 6: Are you really here to chase your wife?

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