Twin Sword

Twin Sword


Chinese Title: 双剑

Author: 虾写 / Writing Shrimp

Novel Status: Finished

Chapters in Raw: 389

Translation Status: Ongoing

Raws: Baishuzhai


In the Year 2XXX, the Earth has become extensively used and abused by humans. The population is out of control, the pollution is at an all time high, and the average life span is 30 years. So when a new planet is found, Tang Hua and his friends begin a journey through a VRMMO game to keep themselves alive.

The game is called: Twin Sword.

(TL’s note: In my opinion, this is the perfect fusion between Sword Art Online and Log Horizon:

  • Many teenagers fully live in a virtual game world
  • Main protagonist is a chick magnet, but have only 1 wife (SAO)
  • Can be resurrect after death (LH)
  • Mainly about sword and magic, have no class (SAO)
  • NPCs is intelligence beings (LH)

This game based on The Legend of Sword and Fairy.)



Chapter 1: Register

Chapter 2: Start Game

Chapter 3: Village Chief

Chapter 4: Battle : Human vs Chicken

Chapter 5: Almighty Rooster

Chapter 6: Measuring Sky Ruler

Chapter 7: Black Crystal

Chapter 8: Attack BOSS

Chapter 9: Fire Keeper

Chapter 10: Pray to Heaven and Earth

Chapter 11: Bribery

Chapter 12: Road to Shu Moutain

Chapter 13: Shu Moutain

Chapter 14: Four Heroes of Shu Moutain

Chapter 15: Graduation

Chapter 16: Save The Penglai

Chapter 17: Kill Players, Steal BOSS

Chapter 18: The Breaker

Chapter 19: Daily Newspaper

Chapter 20: The Palace of Hell’s King

Chapter 21: Tang Sanzang

Chapter 22: Chi, Mei, Waang, Liang

Chapter 23: You Rob, I Rob