Ultimate Tank C1P5

Translator: @lazilygrinningcat

The Hero’s Mission

The title “Hero” is the highest honor given to those who have reached the deepest part of the labyrinth and defeated the guardians who are said to be the last guardian of the labyrinth.
The only way to keep that position is for the title holder to keep on raiding labyrinths.

When the title holder repeatedly fails on their ventures, everything on his hands would be returned.
When that happens, whether other people will believe on you or not, will depend on your character.

[The labyrinth that we’re going to had been cleared up to the 40th level. We are always required to reach and capture the deepest part of the labyrinth.]
[Y- Yes… I’ll do my best!]

Kygras smiled at the new member of the party, Sashin.
She’s an excellent tank that had been chosen by Kygras. She still seems to be nervous though as her expression is stiff.

[I’ll now be telling you the basic course of action of the party. So listen carefully, you ladies.]

Kygras looked towards the twins.
This is because the twins are usually in their own world and he doesn’t know whether they’re listening or not.

The older of the twins, Lillia looked back at Kygras.

[First of all, I will explain everyone’s role. Me, Lillia and Saa’a are the physical attackers, Sashin is the tank, Nin is the healer and Lillie is the magic attacker. As for Lillia, you are free to act to some extent depending on the situation.]
[I understand.]

In the end, Lillia started flirting about with Lillie.
Kygras’ brows furrowed as he stomped on the ground.

[You.. listen properly when someone’s talking!]
[I’m listening. You don’t need to say more anyway. Our roles had always been like this.]
[…you~, aren’t you slowly speaking like Rude?]
[Couldn’t you say it so that Lillie doesn’t misunderstand it? I only talked with Rude in advance about how the party would advance. That’s when you are meeting with them. For the next opponent, we need the tank to control the battle, right?]

Lillia turned her eyes to Sashin.
She sharply stared at her.
Squeezing herself into her arms, the young Sashin just kept on repeatedly nodding her head.

[Y- Yes! Many years of research shows that it is important how you manage the hate values. So, it’s quite important to keep track of how much each person attacks!]
[Or so she says. Did you understand, Kygras? I’m only interested on listening if it’s about Lillie or money. Can you even say anything that actually matters at all?]

After declaring so, Lillia embraced Lillie.
The two had already forgotten about Kygras and are already smiling and enjoying each other’s company.

Kygras clicked his tongue and turned to Nin.

[Nin, your priority as usual would be recovering the health of the tank. Well, unlike him, Sashin is an excellent tank. The times that you would need to recover her health will be reduced because she will not be stupidly matching with the enemy’s attack. Then, you could just devote yourself to using magic attacks.]
[I know what I need to do. Unfortunately for you, I don’t want you saying anything about how I do my work. So, I’m going to do the work I’m doing before and do it perfectly.]

Nin said so while she looked at Kygras with her cold eyes.
Currently, the relationship between the party members was neither good nor bad.

Lillia and Lillie acts as they always are.
Nin may be a little displeased, but it’s only towards Kygras. She was kind to the new members, Sashin and Saa’a.

However, Kygras is frowning on Nin’s attitude towards him.
The reason is quite simple.

He wanted to get along with Nin.
He wanted to get close to her because of her position in the church, and he wants to get it either by making her fall for him or revering him.

She is the saint and the third daughter of a Duke. If he becomes close to someone with such a position, his way to the top would vastly expand.

Such an action full of ulterior motives could be considered lowly, but that doesn’t matter because of the fact that it wasn’t working at all.

[Sashin, Saa’a. This is both your first time working with our party, so I will expect some good performance from you. Do your best.]
[Y-Yes, I will do my best!]
[I- I’ve been yearning for the day that I would get to fight together with the heroes! I will do my best!]

Sashin and Saa’a stood upright and saluted as if they’re knights when they had met some nobles.

The two then turned their glittering eyes full of respect towards Kygras.
Kygras’ eyes narrowed and his mouth loosened up.

[Well then, after we’ve finished the preparations, we’re going to jump into the 30th floor of the labyrinth. Also, beware of the possibility that we would suddenly be surrounded by monsters!]

Shouting so, Kygras activated the skill “Dungeon walk” and moved towards the 30th floor.

In the 30th level, there resides the monsters known as the Grand Minotaurus.
It’s a monster who had the head of a cow and stands at about 3 meters long. They all wield weapons of their own such as axes and swords.

Kygras went into battle as he said “Let’s get this over with.” He had already subjugated another labyrinth before, so something like a Grand Minotaurus should be easy enough, or so he thinks.
It’s not that they’re negligent. Even everyone aside from Kygras thought that if it’s just against a monster like the Grand Minotaur, they should be able to handle it even if they don’t take it seriously.

However, Kygras was on the verge of being defeated.
If Nin or Lillie who was on the rear guard were aimed at by the enemy first, their outer shell may have been shaved off early on.

Also, Kygras was making a face filled in pain everytime he activates his skill.

[O- Ouch… W- Why… I’ve never felt this level of pain before…]

Kygrass clicked his tongue as his whole body was assaulted by pain.

[My skill… my skill is breaking down by body! Why– Why is this f*cking happening!?]

There are two ways to acquire a skill. It’s either you innately have it or you have acquired it somewhere.
When Kygras had just started to be in the same party with Rude, Kygras had acquired a skill.

It’s a skill called “Life Burst”.
Kygras didn’t know the exact effect of the skill, but he uses it as an attack skill.

Stuff like the skills you wield or the amount of outer shell you hold can be examined at the Altar of God in the church, but there’s no explanation to the effect of the skills.
You can only find out what effects that your skills will have.

Some people could realize the effects of their skill after they’ve used them, but Kygras can’t clearly tell what the effect of his skill had.
Every time he used it, he was holding his chest at the pain he’s feeling as the skill consumes 10% of his outer shell.
(T/N: I don’t know which is right actually. Raws say it’s 10%, but manga says it shaves 1000 pts of outer shell)

[Kygras! Don’t just stand idly there!]

Nin’s shout broke his trance as Kygras raised his face and looked towards his enemy.
The Grand Minotaurus’ axe is about to hit his face.

Kygras hurriedly leaped to the side as he panicked in his current situation. The axe that he narrowly dodged, had gouged out the ground.
The rocks near where the axe had struck flew and struck Kygras’ body.


Unlike the wounds that you’ve received by your own body, the damage received by your outer shell would be reduced.
That doesn’t change the fact that you would still feel pain though.

However, the pain that Kygras felt this time was so immense, for the current him who haven’t tasted the feeling of pain for a long time.

[E- Everyone! Please spread out! Its attention is too spread apart!]
[Sh*t! Sashin! Do your job properly! Why is its attention getting taken away so often?]
[Hiiii~! S-Sorry!]

Sashin has invoked “Provoke” again and again, gathering the attention of the monsters.
All the attention of the monsters turned to Sashin while she frantically attacks back and dodge their strikes.

After finding a chance, Kygras activates his Life Burst.
Kygras frowns agains. It was because he was struck by pain as if something had grasped his heart.

And yet, he proceeded on swinging his sword.
He swung the sword he wields with both of his hands at the Grand Minotaurus and blown off one of its arms.

[K- Kygras-sama! I haven’t drawn all of its attention yet!]

Kygras’ breathing had suddenly been thrown to disarray and he crouched down on the spot.

[Sh*t… What the f*ck is happening!? What the heck is this!?]

To the fallen Kygras who was trying to stand up, the Grand Minotaurus’ axe is about to crash down.
The nearby Saa’a sees his plight and pushes Kygras away from danger.

Then, the ax fell down on Saa’a’s body.
Her outer shell had been shaved off and her body was completed struck down to the ground.
And then, multiple abrasions started appearing on her body.

[Her outer skin got smashed! Someone, cover fo–]

Lillia screams out to the others.
However, they did not make it in time.

Saa’a was knocked flying away by the Grand Minotaurus.
Fortunately, she was thrown towards Sashin’s direction. Sashin successfully caught her body and rolled away from danger.

[Kygras! I need to give her some first aid treatment, so keep it distracted for the moment!]
[Tsk… how did this happen!?]

He’s struggling against an opponent that he could easily defeat before.
In fact, Kygras was obviously irritated.

[How the f*ck did this happen!?]

Kygras raised his voice as he slashed his sword to the one-armed Grand Minotaurus.
The Grand Minotaurus looks back at him and swung his fist at him.

Kygras didn’t expect this attack and was flung away.
When he finally knocked down to the ground, he could feel pain on his legs.

[No- No way… my outer shell!]

When I turned my consciousness to my body, the number 0 came up to my mind.
If that happens, recovery magic will no longer work.
There’s no longer any choice but to wait for sometime until your outer shell naturally recovers to full.]

[Sh*t sh*t sh*t! If it’s just about attack power, I know I’m better! I’ve even defeated something like this before in another labyrinth!]

The Grand Minotaurus yelled out a vigorous roar and the whole body of the nearby Kygras became stiff.
It’s an attack that bestows an abnormal status effect against others.
Kygras, who haven’t taken any measures against such an ability, was kicked away by the Grand Minotaurus.


His body flew again towards the air and fell down to the ground.
He had already lost God’s blessing and the pain that he felt with that strike hadn’t been alleviated at all.

He could already feel it… That moment when he felt that he’s close to death, and the feeling of wanting to live.
Kygras’ face turned ghastly pale.


Raising out a strange laughter, the Grand Minotaurus stops in front of Kygras.
The Grand Minotaurus stupidly smiles at him as it licked its lips.

[You’re underestimating me… don’t f*cking kidding me!]

Kygras used his skill on his sword.
The strongest strike— He tries to swing the demonic sword that is empowered by that skill at the nearby leg of the Grand Minotaurus.

But, it’s at that moment.
The pain that filled his body from using Life Burst was the strongest ever.


The pain had interrupted the activation of the skill.
A weak strike of someone that had lost the God’s blessing hits the leg of the Grand Minotaurus.

He wouldn’t be able to make a cut on a leg as tough as a large tree.

[Ah, a- a- aahhh…]

The Grand Minotaur smiled and looked into Kygras’ face.
Kygras is shivering as he backs off from the Grand Minotaurus. He’s completely filled with fear.

[…No, stop! Don’t kill me! No way, I don’t want to die yet! I’m sorry! I’d do anything so forgive me!]

Kygras desperately begged at the monster as his tears flowed down from his eyes.
His legs was now soaked with his tears.
Though, there was no way such an appeal would ever work to the Grand Minotaurus.

A merciless strike is going to fall down to him.


The smashed Kygras lost consciousness after that strike.

But Lillia was able to suppress the Grand Minotaurus, thanks to the time earned by Kygras as he took all the attention of the Grand Minotaurus when he was fighting to the death earlier.
Furthermore, there’s also the slash of Kygras on the Grand Minotaurus’ back before he was used as a plaything and was stepped on by the monster.

[With this, it’s done!]
[As expected of you, Big Sister.]
[You ladies! That’s enough already, so get ready to escape quickly! Me and Sashin will take care of Saa’a! Twin sisters, I’ll leave Kygras to you! Also Lillie, can you hold on to the Dungeon Walk for a while? Get ready!]

Nin shouted as she immediately gives Saa’a some first-aid treatment.

[Uwee~, Lillia’s too troublesome.]
[And so are you, Lillie. Anyway, where would I go apply my first aid treatment first when his whole body is beaten up this badly?]
[…I guess the treatment had no problems. Hey, Nin. The preparations are ready here. Let’s quickly escape already.]
[I understand! Sashin, please take care of her!]
[Y- Yes…! Uwuuu… Saa’a, please don’t die…]
[Don’t worry. You had properly caught her earlier so she’s not seriously injured.]

When all of then had gathered together, Lilia tapped Kygras’ forehead.

[We will now withdraw, Leader. You have no problems with that, right?]
[Uu, ahh… ahh…]

It’s not a situation where he could even properly speak out his voice, but Kygras tried on replying.

The story of the Hero Kygras who had failed to capture the 30th floor was immediately circulated to various towns through the guild.
The Royal Capital Newspaper had also reported this news on their front page of their newspaper, which are issued once a month.

The party members gathered beside Kygras who have just woke up in the hospital room.
It’s because every one had received a message.

First of them was about Nin.

[My arm was also broken in our previous battle… That’s why my adventurer related activities are now temporarily suspended. I’ve already talked about my disappearance from the party with the church earlier.]

Kygras was trying to complain, but his words was stuck on his throat.
He was lucky that he get to live even if he’s all beaten up, but Kygras was irritated watching the bandages on his body.

[Damn it! It’s because of that new tank that my reputation’s been stained, hasn’t it!?]
[I- I’m sorry!]

The two newcomers who had received some injuries were completely frightened by Kygras’ outburst.

[What the heck are you talking about? Isn’t it you who chose these two people to be added to the party!? Isn’t it also you who expelled Rude out of the party…? If they don’t meet your demands, is it their fault!? That’s way too convenient for you, ain’t it!?]
[Shut up…! I was fighting there! It’s because my skill have gone crazy since this f*ckers entered the party!]

When Nin was about to say more, Lillia came forward.

[Kygras. I had already said it before, but these girls were not bad.]
[They are already good enough. The problem this time is you. You could only attack the Grand Minotaurus when you used that skill. In the first place, you can’t even keep up with the speed of the Grand Minotaurus. With your ability, it was impossible for you to defeat the Grand Minotaurus.]
[That’s not right at all! I’ve already met a Grand Minotaurus before on another labyrinth and I’ve beaten it before!]
[Yeah yeah. Then, what’s the difference between the situation from back then and your situation now?]

As Lillia had already said her last piece as she was tired, she and Lillie went to the door of the hospital room.

[The tank that you need the most now was probably just Rude. You understanding that was the only thing that I wanted to see this time. Why don’t you apologize and ask him to come back?]
[…You’re wrong! I was fighting in there! If the tank had just done her work properly, this wouldn’t have happened!]
[I heard you the first time you said it. But, Rude’s “Provoke” was more superior than hers. That’s for sure. After all, the frequency of my attacks had become lower as I need to coordinate with her.]
[Wh- What the f*ck are you trying to say!? Are you saying that my eye for judging people had been wrong!?]
[Yes. You’re badly mistaken.]
[That’s not the case at all! He’s not superior at all! Have you looked at how many potions he used just in a single hunt…!? F*ck!]

Kygras frown and he clenched his fist.

[It must be easy for you to live by blaming others, huh? I hate guys like that the most.]
[Big Sister, let’s go.]
[You’re right, Lillie. Let’s go eat some delicious dessert on the way back. We’ll still be in your party because of that contract with the guild. You must assess your character properly while you’re still hospitalized.]

The twins held their hands together and went out of the room.

[I’m leaving now, Kygras. Goodbye. Sashin, Saa’a. Let’s go outside for a bit.]

Nin pushes the back of Sashin and Saa’a, and they left the room.

[You’re wrong… You are all wrong. I am not mistaken at all. That guy is incompetent and I am right…]

Kygras grit his teeth as he kept on uttering words of denial.

[I was fighting in there! I’m the Hero after all! There’s no way I could turn this messed up from just missing a single tank like that–! I’ll quickly recover from my wounds and prove it to you! That I’m the strongest! That I’m the S-Rank party’s leader, the Hero Kygras!]

With all of his strength, Kygras shouted that out as he blood came out of his mouth.