Undying Patient: Ch-1.1 [2/3]

Maybe it was because he saw that Qin Yezhou was not angry, he pushed away the bodyguard, frowned and sighed, then went to Su Jinzhi’s side and said in a small voice, “go go go, Mr. Qin, this kind of person, doesn’t need to be served.”

If it was before, Su Jinzhi might’ve just fought back a bit for the sake of completing the task in order for No. 0 to stop annoying him. Bur after seeing what Qin Yezhou looks like, all he wanted to do was to run far away from this man and never see him again.

So he bowed and left without saying anything.

As Su Jinzhi walked, he called out the system silently in his mind, “No. 0, No. 0! You come out and explain to me why Qin Yezhou grew to look exactly like that man?”

“The model of the main goal of rescue was chosen by yourself, host. Does it still need to be explained?” Not only is the sound of the system devoid of emotion, but it was also full of provocation.

“When did I choose it?” Su Jinzhi went into the toilet and poured cold water on his face before he calmed down a little bit. He continued to press the system, “I’m not asking you. What about No. 0?”

“Host had chosen it at the moment of death in the source world.” The voice of No. 1 is colder, “No. 0 went to the headquarters to fight for the latest welfare for host.”

The moment of death?

Yes, he vaguely remembers that before his death, No. 0 asked him a question – please choose the general model for the target of rescue. Since host couldn’t speak at the moment, host only needs to form a three-dimensional picture in his mind.

It was practically impossible!

At that time, he died immediately. In his vague consciousness, he seemed to see that man standing in front of him, so his thoughts were full of that man. Does No. 0 think that this is the model for the target of rescue he chose to save?

Su Jin raised his head and looked at himself in the mirror. After a few seconds of silence, he asked, “is it too late for me to change now?”

No. 1 replied, “The welfare quota of this option has been robbed by the headquarters, host can participate in the fight (T/N: for that benefit) when entering the next world.”

However, Su Jinzhi didn’t have time to say anything more before hearing No. 1 say, “but the benefit, ‘One half-hour of a night in spring is worth a thousand taels’ (T/N: this means = Every minute of the wedding night is precious) is still valid.”

Su Jinzhi raised his brow.

As its name implies, the “One half-hour of a night in spring is worth a thousand taels” benefit can be used for all living creatures. The effect can enable the user to allow them to bring the affected target into an illusion and experience a spring night with them without any side-effects. It is safe and secure. It is a treasure for any host to save the world by relying on his body, sow the seeds of love, and build a harmonious society.

Disadvantage: can only be used in the same world.

This “One half-hour of a night in spring is worth a thousand taels” benefit is the only reason why Su Jinzhi decided to get on the boat to save Qin Ye Zhou by relying on the power of love after hesitating for a long time.

This is the only way they can finish the task.

Qin Yezhou is handsome and rich. I’m afraid no woman didn’t want to marry him before. Unfortunately, he had a car accident three years ago. He couldn’t move below his knee. He had to stay in a wheelchair ever since. His mother died early. His father took his stepmother right after his leg was broken. He also brought his illegitimate son, who was only two years younger than him, into the house. The intention was clear.

Later, Qin Yezhou refused to recognize his six relatives and let his father accompany his mother in the grave.

Of course, the latter is a rumor. It’s not clear whether it’s true or not. But Qin Yezhou’s father is dead. It’s also true that his stepmother and younger brother are not living well. He doesn’t care about family, friendship or life.

Su Jinzhi is not his father, nor his gay friend. Only after he could become his lover, warms his cold heart and body with love, making him feel loved, can he build a better world with him.

With the effect of “One half-hour of a night in spring is worth a thousand taels”, even if he doesn’t want to be with Qin Yezhou, it doesn’t matter. He can act in the daytime and put up a show. If Qin Yezhou is actually really handsome then Su Jinzhi wouldn’t mind having a real love affair with him – after all, he can’t revive in that world.

Yet, before he died he was still a virgin.

It’s really is such bad luck.

Su Jinzhi lived a good life. He is the only surviving pure human interplanetary diplomat on the Earth in the interstellar 3000 year. Yet, after he finished making arrangements for that alien wearing human skin who was extremely difficult (T/N: difficult as in difficult to deal with.) and looked exactly like Qin Ye Zhou, he fell unconscious as soon as he got home. After a check——systemic organ failure, the only incurable disease in the galaxy.

He went to the best NaSi Port Hospital on β68 Sagittarius star for treatment and invested all his money in the hospital. He managed to survive for five years without dying.

The doctor told him that since he is the remnant pure Earthian, he has no antibodies to the microorganisms on alien creatures, and his current physical condition is not enough to support his adverse reactions against vaccination. So for his safety, he should just stay in the isolation room of the hospital all his life to survive.

After entering the hospital, Su Jinzhi has been thinking about whether to make a life choice from a salted fish (T/N: useless person) to death or to go out of the isolation room and die immediately. Finally, he decided to return to the earth and take a final look at his hometown before entering the grave – after all, he had no money to maintain the operation of mechanical organs in the hospital.

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4 thoughts on “Undying Patient: Ch-1.1 [2/3]

  1. Arranging the body of the Alien wearing human skin?

    I don’t understand that. Like is it a dead body, like what is he arranging? What does he do? Sorry, I’m just kinda confuse, it doesn’t say that much and it’s really vague 😖

    But what I do understand is the cause of his death is probably the alien, right?

    Thank you for the chapter!

    I’m glad MC had a moderate life and didn’t have some dog blood drama before, phew!

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